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Monday Update-9-10
Hello ladies! Please reply so we can see how each other is doing! Melissa & Baby...More
Posted by MelBrody
Tuesday update 9-4
Good Morning ladies!!! First update of September! How is everyone doing? I notices a lot...More
Posted by MelBrody
Reply: had U/S today
Congrats! Have a Happy & Healthy 9 months!! We are here if you need to vent or talk...More
Posted by MelBrody
Monday Update 8-27
Last week of August!!! Yes!!!! Melissa & Baby Clark 24w2d w/g - Up 18 pounds -...More
Posted by MelBrody
Reply: At an impossible impass
Thanks ladies, I just hate feeling stuck.... 1 day at a time I guess..
Posted by MelBrody
At an impossible impass
Hello ladies, I know I should be posting a happy Monday update but I am not feeling...More
Posted by MelBrody
Reply: Monday Updates 8/13
Melissa & Baby Clark w/g - Up about 13 pounds eeek! s/c - Heartburn, RLP, peeing...More
Posted by MelBrody
Reply: Our Gender U/S :)
Congrats Becky!!!
Posted by MelBrody
Reply: Monday Updates 8/6
Melissa & Baby Clark 21w3d w/g - 12 Pounds s/c - Little RLP and very Hungry lol....More
Posted by MelBrody
Monday Updates - 7/30
Good Morning ladies! July is over already!! Melissa & Baby Clark 20w2d w/g - up 11...More
Posted by MelBrody