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Please Help! Could She Be Pregnant?
Hello all. My girlfriend and I are sexually active but we've always used condoms. In this instance the...More
Posted by mrbrown876
Stupid Question
This may sound stupid and I'm highly embarressed to have to ask. is it possible to get pregnant after giving...More
Posted by An_263871
I've been through 2 pregnancies and am now on my 3rd. I've been a bit confused lately as to the fact that my...More
Posted by jenasci
Leg cramps
Any suggestions for preventing leg cramps? I have been taking extra potassium, stretching, and drinking...More
Posted by An_259336
Pregnancy at 31 weeks
I must admit that I am excited and nervous and anxious all at the same time. My Boyfriend say all I do is talk...More
Posted by kayb7
Insomnia during pregnancy
This is my second pregnancy, and since I received the positive pregnancy test, I have not been able to sleep...More
Posted by An_257819
Insomnia during pregnancy
This is my second pregnancy, and since I received the positive pregnancy test, I have not been able to sleep...More
Posted by An_257819
Could I be pregnant?
I had an abortion just over 4 weeks ago , 2 days ago i had light spotting and thought i may start my period...More
Posted by An_263791
Could i still be pregnant
My cycle is 18days late on Sat. 07/04/2015 after going to the restroom, I saw a lite pinkish show and it went...More
Posted by An_263770

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Can I be pregnant?
So me and my boyfriend have had sex 3 times this month and each time he wore a condom and when he was about...More
Posted by An_263765
11months pregnant,is that really possible?
Hi! I've got a concern in regards with my friends situation. His ex girlfriend told him that she was pregnant...More
Posted by An_263758
Any health tips before TTC? Recommendations on prenatal vitamins?More
Posted by pz327
can sperm diluted in water cause pregnancy?
hello doctor, I ejaculated on my girlfriend unknowingly, and some of the sperm fell on her neck, hair and...More
Posted by An_263752
Suddenly could not read, spell, or speak
I'm 33 weeks pregnant, and was talking tp a friend on messenger, when I suddenly could not decipher what she...More
Posted by candarco
Moderate Sub Chorionic Hemorrhage
So Im on my 9th week today, I had my first scan and the baby is fine, with 164bpm heart rate and good...More
Posted by bellatrix007
Im cramping at 5 weeks...
My first 2 pregnancies I didn't have much cramping. But this pregnancy I have felt a lot of cramping is that...More
Posted by An_263684
12 days late no signs of Af pls help
hae all i need help. am 24dpo and 12 days late i have not seen my AF, i have been experiencing pregnancy...More
Posted by An_263675
Dark brown spotting and extremely tender breasts! ...
For the past two months my periods have been irregular, for the most part coming earlier than they are...More
Posted by An_263641
False positive?
Hi . I was wondering if I can get a false positive on a pregnancy test? I have pcos for six years now...More
Posted by misshollymarie86
Pregnancy test
Are over the counter pregnancy test really accurate?
Posted by An_260287
Doctor refusing to give me more than six weeks mat...
My employer gives 12 weeks of paid maternity leave for which I need my doctor to write me a note 6 weeks...More
Posted by taranuha
How do you deal with uncomfortable body changes?
Does anyone have any tips, tricks, or awesome advice (or any advice at all ) on how to deal with the...More
Posted by atti_editor
How accurate are pregnancy tests? Are the cheap on...
Just curious I don't know which one would be better.
Posted by An_260211

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