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Relevant Posts: Whooping Cough Vaccine in Pregnancy

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32 weeks pregnant and back pain
I am 32 weeks pregnant and am having pain on my right side in the middle of my back. I am also having pain...More
Posted by ddefosses
6 weeks pregnant, blood comes out of vagina when m...
I'm 6 weeks and 1 day today, the last 3 days when I bm there's blood when I wipe.. (vagina) today there was...More
Posted by juju22606
Trying to get pregnant
I need an opinion. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for the past few months with no luck. In...More
Posted by perry5
I am about 1 week late from my period. I went for a blood test this morning, test came back negative. Still...More
Posted by mrsrachel1
need immediate answers!!!!
Hi. I have a questions. I'm 8 weeks pregnant with my 4th child with no miscarriages and I passed a big...More
Posted by cbatchman0405
I just found out about a week ago that i am preganent it is my first time at this. This morning i went to...More
Posted by jessburton
Heartburn, nausea, constipation and gas
I am 17 weeks pregnant with my first baby and suffering with really bad heartburn, constipation and gas...More
Posted by pregowith1st
Delivery Complications
My stepdaughter had her second child Saturday. She had a c section with the first one but wanted to try to...More
Posted by An_260098
Pregnancy and pills
I've been taking Carbamazepine (300mg) 2x a day but I was wondering how long can it take me to become...More
Posted by An_260031
Likelihood of pregnancy?
A few days ago, after having protected sex with my partner with a condom, some semen had accidentally dripped...More
Posted by An_259425
help i'm confused
I am not sure when the first day of my cycle was but i took a home pregnancy test on 10/23/2014 came back...More
Posted by soagirl_2014
help i'm confused
I am not sure when the first day of my cycle was but i took a home pregnancy test on 10/23/2014 came back...More
Posted by soagirl_2014
me and my bf had sex on oct 18th and i had my last periods on 28th sep. he didnt penetrate but he rubbed on...More
Posted by An_259972
Posted by amgvj
Hey Guys, im 14 weeks pregnant and i started to bleed really heavy with clots as well, i went and saw my...More
Posted by missconfuesd
I am 26 weeks pregnant with my third child. For the last few weeks off and on after I've been up moving...More
Posted by mrsmosterd
How or when did I get pregnant?
I haven't had sex since I honestly don't know, and I am pregnant. I got my period last month and I...More
Posted by pregnantagainat29
Need help.
This is going to sound disgusting, but I need advice if not help; So my boyfriend and I had oral sex and he...More
Posted by An_259874
two weeks late on period
my girlfriend started her new pack of birth control late a week and she supposed to have her period starting...More
Posted by jamez25
dengue fever while pregnant
we are traveling to an island for the holidays that is reporting dengue fever is present in local mesquitos....More
Posted by bryonbay3
Baby Names
My husband and I have three sons and are stuck on a name for this one. He likes Lincoln and I like Tate....More
Posted by Anon_856

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Low Hormones
If you are pregnant is it possible to have to low of hormones to register on pregnancy test???
Posted by An_259755
Depo Injection and D&C
I lost my baby alomost at 12 weeks. Dr sucjsted no D&C as everything came out naturally. But was Given...More
Posted by melissapret

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urinary retention at 34 weeks
lots of discomfort, with some constipation and a small fibroid in the uterus.
Posted by An_259753
Increased heart rate at 24 weeks pregnant
I usually have a normal resting heart rate in the low 50's. I am 24 weeks pregnant and have been having...More
Posted by doduarte8
Heavy bleeding for 2 days
Hi there, I was wanting some help with this, I had contraception removed April 16th and got my period on...More
Posted by An_259623
carpal tunnel
Any treatments for pregnancy induced carpal tunnel?
Posted by gracepregnancy
pregnant with difficulty sleeping
Is zzzquil a safe medication for a woman to use during pregnancy as a sleep aid? If not, what other...More
Posted by eastinsmommy
Could I be pregnant of is it a birth control side ...
I'll make this short and sweet...Sept 25/26 my partner and I had sex and it was the first time since I...More
Posted by sanchezjlee
Is nesting real?
Are you in or around your 3rd trimester and have the urge to clean and organize, throw out and stock up?...More
Posted by atti_editor

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