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Could I be pregnant ?
Hi my partner and I have been using the pull out method on and off. We used it on the 14th of this month and...More
Posted by An_262034
Hi I'm a healthy 43 yr old woman always had a normal menstrual not heavy lasted for 4 to 5 days. Now I've...More
Posted by An_262012
cramping at night
I am in 6th week of my pregnancy nd having sharp cramping every night. it occurs daily between 12-1 while i am...More
Posted by rache1
Pregnant and over eating.
Think that is a part of being pregnant and they cannot help what they eat. Before there was no concern about...More
Posted by An_261975
Whoes the daddy
That is very hard to say you would have to do a test with one of them to see who the baby his. If I was you I...More
Posted by An_261975
What does this cytogenetic lab test about my abort...
I was 12 wks preg, it was my very first pregnancy but 4D ultrasound showed that the fetus had cystic hygroma...More
Posted by yasmine15
Regarding immature eggs release
Hi, I have been undergoing diagnosis for infertility. My doctor says that the eggs that are being released are...More
Posted by vidhu86
Hemp Oil during Pregnancy
I am wondering if it's ok to use hemp oil during pregnancy. Any one ever use it while pregnant?
Posted by lauralee80
Please Need A Second Opinion
Hi, I was hoping any of you would help in giving me opinions. I am a male and I recently had sex with my...More
Posted by mrworried
Wondering about chances of pregnancy in this sort ...
My girlfriend and I were fooling around earlier, and I was down to my boxers and she in her underwear. We...More
Posted by An_261923
Baby Hearbeat not found
Hi, After 7 week I had a ultrasound and not found any heartbeat. I am very disappointed. Please suggest what...More
Posted by An_261919
is it possible??
I have a boyfriend I've been with for almost 8months. I found out I was pregnant and the due date is 6-12-15,...More
Posted by An_261847
is something wrong
I just want to know is everything alright. I am 2 months pregnant and i have been bleeding for a lil over a...More
Posted by An_261822
36 weeks pregnant
I am currently 36 weeks pregnant. yesterday during my baby shower I suddenly lost my vision. I also had...More
Posted by aprilmcleod20
Dental Work while pregnant?
So my dentist told me that I have to replace 2 caps and I should do it right away as they are sensitive and...More
Posted by jent215
Boy? Ultrasound Gender
I was told it was a boy...or so she thought. Thoughts? This is at 19 weeks She said for sure it was not a...More
Posted by jent215
have a friend that isn't due for another week but baby is weighing 10 lbs so dr is going to do c section since...More
Posted by sr031051
I am approximately 3 months and my breast and nipp...
Posted by kheavlin

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can i be pregnant
had my period on the 8th of feb, had unprotected sex on the 20th & 21st of feb which was the days i was...More
Posted by love3322
Implantation Bleeding then Period
Last month my period started on January 15th & lasted until the 21st. About 2 weeks after that on Febuary...More
Posted by An_261590
Miscarriage or not?
I am 7 weeks pregnant according to my LMP. I went in at 6 weeks because of spotting and they found I have a...More
Posted by An_261589
can a baby born after exactly 5 months of sex day ...
If sex date is 21 March can a baby born on 29th of August????? After five months of pregnancy ??? OR what is...More
Posted by mujahid689
Am I Pregnant?
My last period was January 12, 2015. On January 27, 2015, I had sexual intercourse. I have always had a...More
Posted by bballlover
is there a medical cond that makes a 2nd pregnancy...
another thing is i am pregnant currently but the levels r to low wen it comes to the tests. i have many...More
Posted by An_261507
I'm having some trouble trying to figure out what is happening in my ultrasound pic. My ultrasound tech...More
Posted by eringibson

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Easing Early Pregnancy NauseaExpert
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