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Reply: 35 weeks pregnant and possible pink eye
If it does not improve over the next few hours, I would suggest having it look...More
Reply: Gestational diabetes risk
The incidence of gestational diabetes mellitus is increasing secondary to the...More
Reply: Yeast Infections during pregnancy
Yeast infections are somewhat common in pregnancy. It can be a sign of high...More
Reply: Asymmetrical swelling of the feet
The real question is are your legs swollen as well? It is very common for women...More
Reply: weight gain
You have to be disciplined. That means eating healthy. No chips, regular soda,...More
Reply: Confused
So, the blood tests are sensitive. It depends on the type of testing in the lab....More
Reply: hernias in pregnancy
Well it certainly could be. most patients don't have exactly what you are...More
Reply: Backed up...
So, when some of our patients get constipated, we use Milk of Magnesia without...More
Reply: peeing while pregnant
As the other suggested, I would recommend you see your healthcare provider. The...More
Reply: Feeling pressure
So, I have a few questions myself. Are you also having a vaginal discharge. Have...More