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Reply: Travelled unknowingly during the first 4 weeks! Sh...
So, I tell women the risk is minimal. If you are correct your wife was only 4...More
Reply: Mucus Plug or Something Else?
So, it seems as if you have described the mucous plug beautifully. I am sure...More
Reply: 5 weeks, 6 days - yolk sac - possible abnormal sha...
So, I know this is hard, however, time will be the only thing which helps us...More
Reply: Tachycardia and getting pregnant
So, get rid of the coffee, period! This is an arrhythmiagenic substance. Then...More
Reply: Incompetent Cervix
You will certainly have a number of decisions to make here. First, the issue...More
Reply: Ambiguous Genitalia
I really liked the other response. Yes, it could be normal. The issue is what...More
Reply: Vomited up my prenatal vitamin 12 hours later
Interesting.. I have never had an individual complain of what you just...More
Reply: Chances of getting Pre-Eclampsia again?
So, patients who have chronic hypertension defined by a high blood pressure...More
Reply: Can low blood pressure become high blood pressure?
It is a good sign to have low blood pressure, however, it does not preclude you...More
Reply: Planing for a baby - hyperthyroid
So the real question is should you make a more permenant solution to the Grave's...More