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Reply: Spasms
Cramping is a very common symptom during early pregnancy. It is a normal process...More
Reply: Shortness of Breath
You have received very good advice from the other two respondants. I...More
Reply: meds
This is always a difficult question to answer. There are changing thoughts on...More
Reply: What if my wife smell Methanol during pregnancy???
I believe there are a number of factors to consider. Did she feel ill during her...More
Reply: Vertigo and Antivert during pregnancy
I have good news for you regarding the medication. I have reviewed the...More
Reply: athletes feet/hands during pregnancy
Since these medicines are external and are not absorbed, the usual medications...More
Reply: when is it to hot to work when pregnant
The issue really is can she get enough air and breaks in order to stay cool. I...More
Reply: Magnesium Citrate in Pregnancy?
I am sorry you are suffering so much. Pregnancy certainly increases the risk of...More
Reply: I very nervous!!!!!!!!!!!
The key is where is the cramping. if it is in the middle of the lower abdomen,...More
Reply: Vibrating Feeling
The question is what are the vibrations? Are they uterine contractions, bladder...More