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pregnant Q1
Doesnt the sperm inside you stick and stay in you? More
Posted by mom208
pregnant question
can u get pregnant when ur having sex in the beginning of ur period? More
Posted by mom208
pregnancy test
is there a way to get a test w/out my parents knowing r finding out? when will u know ur...More
Posted by mom208
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nipple sore feeling
a second ago my nipple felt lil sore,wats wrong? More
Posted by mom208
tiredness or fatigue?
I feel like i was really tired last night and today, i go to bed early. wats wrong? More
Posted by mom208
I throwed up once, can tht b a sign of pregnancy?r wat? More
Posted by mom208
Reply: sickness
it wasnt food poisoning, r heat stroke. i would like to get one but my parents b w/me if i...More
Posted by mom208
Reply: pregnancy/medicine
my period started yesterday, i havent missed it.
Posted by mom208
does the motrin make u throw up r something else?someone thinks i might b pregnant
Posted by mom208
eating a lot, sometimes i pee every second
Posted by mom208