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Sarah McMoyler, RN, BSN and mother, is the founder of McMoyler Method. As a specialist in labor and delivery nursing for more than 20 years, McMoyler has assisted in the delivery of more than 5,000 babies. Her personal view and in-depth professional experience has been integral to McMoyler Method's success in graduating more than 18,000 San Francisco Bay Area couples to confidently approach pregnancy, prepare for delivery, and care for their newborn babies.

McMoyler decided to make her popular method available to a broader audience by presenting McMoyler Method to a global audience through the release of the Best Birth DVD and Online class, and a book titled The Best Birth: Your Guide to the Safest, Healthiest, Most Satisfying Labor and Delivery.

McMoyler Method is a new way of educating parents-to-be that focuses on parent involvement and support. In 1993, McMoyler designed a course that recognizes the need for insightful, sensitive, and relevant prenatal and postnatal education with expectant mothers and their partners. McMoyler Method: Preparing for Birth in the 21st Century is an innovation in childbirth education, created especially for today's educated, informed, and busy parents-to-be. The fast-paced, interactive courses are based on current medical science and practice. They help expectant parents establish realistic goals and make responsible, informed decisions throughout pregnancy, delivery, and as a new family.

McMoyler blogs for a number of sites, including The Best Birth and Cafe Mom. She has a dedicated following on Facebook.

McMoyler recently wrote the third edition of her McMoyler Method Course Books, Childbirth Preparation and Infant CPR, Breastfeeding and Newborn Care, with revisions, updates, and reality-based suggestions.
Her expert opinion on childbirth and newborn care has been seen on ABC's View from the Bay and published in Pregnancy Weekly, Parents Journal, Pregnancy Magazine, Pregnancy and New Born, Oxygen, Fit Pregnancy, NurseWeek, newspapers, local journals, and other media publications.
McMoyler's book, co-written with Armin Brott (best-selling author of The Expectant Father) and DVD, The Best Birth: Your Guide to the Safest, Healthiest, Most Satisfying Labor and Delivery debunk many of the prevalent myths about labor and delivery. The book and Online Class offer proven tips for managing pain, provide tools for expectant fathers, and endorse medical team expertise.

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