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Reply: What's going on
Give your doctor a call. It might be unrelated to the pregnancy or it could be a...More
Reply: Pregnant with tubes tied?
You should be more than good to go after 15 months. Didn't your doctor discuss...More
Reply: possibly pregnant.......
Go get checked for a UTI or "honeymoon cystitis". Get that ruled out right away...More
Reply: I think I might be pregnant
Since you had your period, that equals no pregnancy last month. Heartburn can...More
Reply: wondering if i'm pregnant again
It could be pregnancy. It could be a stomach virus. It could be any number of...More
Reply: Worried about being pregnant... help please.
Any unprotected sex can lead to pregnancy. You need to count the days between...More
Reply: Someone help please..
No firm stats for missing pills=pregnancy. Each year, 85 out of 100 women who...More
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Reply: Why Birth Plans DON’T Work
I had a plan with all three children. None of them went according to plan. The...More
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Reply: Braxton Hicks?
Here is a link that should help: Braxton-Hicks or True Labor Part of it...More
Reply: I just discovered that my breast is leaking minima...
For women who aren't breastfeeding , the sight of nipple discharge can be...More