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Bed Rest News Article
Check out my interview with the Ventura County Star newspaper about pregnancy bed rest: ...More
Posted by jemgirl81
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um help me
Hi my name is Hannah i am 13 and a half and i have a funny/weird question. You see my tummy is...More
Posted by ILoveMyFamily1998
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Think you MIGHT be pregnant? Please read this befo...
Hi folks! The members here and I have noticed we have been getting a lot of folks coming to this...More
Posted by Olivia_WebMD_Staff
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Fitness club for pregnant women and new moms!
Hello ladies. A friend of mine is exploring the idea of a specialized fitness club for pregnant women and new...More
Posted by Kshatriya
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amniotic fluid leak
I am currently 14 weeks pregnant with my first child. This past friday I woke up and was covered in a liquid....More
Posted by KOH360
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37 weeks pregnant
I am 37 weeks pregnant and i am 2cm dilated and 90 percent thinned out. I have been having sharp pains above...More
Posted by An_218265
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i'm pregnant with my sencod son i'm in my third tri. i'm got 10 weeks left and i'm starting to have pain...More
Posted by eliandcjsmom
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I just found that I'm a few weeks pregnant with my 2nd child and this one is hitting me hard. I eat and throw...More
Posted by An_218264
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have a question about my period, my last perioa was on march, 27 and i all ready took 3 pregnacy test and...More
Posted by An_218263
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Non Prescription Medication usage for pregnancy
Posted by hgreenwood7058
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ii have a couple of questiions iin regards to me thiinkiing that ii may be pregnant...
Posted by tahelia07
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Pasteurized Eggs / Eggnog
If you aren't sure about whether or not the eggnog is safe to drink, maybe trying making your own with...More
Posted by concernedfoodie
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Naming your child
Always think before you name your child. This is a huge decision and will be with them for the rest of...More
Posted by WandlingSarah
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4 Weeks 3 Days Pregnant
Cramps is not abnormal. I knew something was up when I missed my period. I tested two days after it was...More
Posted by EW11022009
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Pepaka hers
[KEYWORDS> "> "> "> ...More
Posted by Pizdos
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Ebaka Naaher Blyat
Posted by Pizdos
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23 weeks and having dizziness and headaches???????...
Is this normal to have dizziness and headaches at 23 weeks?
Posted by tamyox1
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Need some help!!!!!!!
My 17 year old daughter told us Thursday that she is 5 months pregnant. The boy's family has known since...More
Posted by tamyox1
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Off and on cramping
Hey I'm 7 weeks and 4 days pregnant and Ive been having some period like cramping that brings me too my...More
Posted by Faithful0120
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Is there anything that can help me stop smoking? I just found out Im pregnant and dont want to harm my baby.
Posted by rhiannon32
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best tips for nausea!!
simple ice chips and some more ice chips.
Posted by joselly32m
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Sarah McMoyler, RN, BSN and mother, is the founder of McMoyler Method. As a specialist in labor and delivery nursing for more than 20 years, McMoyler ...More

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'Tummy Time’ May Not Be NeededExpert
According to a recent article in Parents Magazine, a new study, published in May in the journal Early Human Development, suggests that ... More
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