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Very low rise in HCG level
Hi I was confirmed pregnant on day 9 after ET with hcg level 56. Day 11 level was 94 and day 13 hcg hasn't...More
Posted by An_262618
Reply: what can my daughter take for a headche she is 4 w...
Pretty much the only thing she can take is Tylenol.
Posted by tlkittycat1968
All Alone
Back in December I found out I was pregnant and my partner was extremely supportive. I unfortunately...More
Posted by Anon_234733
Reply: Blighted ovum?
Sounds like you may be having a miscarriage. I wouldn't worry too much unless the bleeding becomes...More
Posted by tlkittycat1968

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Reply: might be pregnant?
I was expecting my period today, and it didn't come so I'll definitely take a pregnancy test tomorrow..thank you...More
Posted by danii1
Reply: Pregnant with twins
I always suggest a second opinion especially in matters like this. I know of one case where my friend was told...More
Posted by mommab89
Reply: Im Confused 😶
If you had an actual period I would say it is unlikely you are pregnant already. You could have had a chemical...More
Posted by mommab89
Reply: Marijuana & pregnancy?
May be today research is same as done before 6 years. So there is no harm to reply a 6 year old thread...More
Posted by michaelhansen1
Reply: Scared of another c-section
I had both of my kids via c-section. The second time around isn't nearly as scary because the dr. Will let u...More
Posted by amax2mommy
Tubal Ligation confused and needing help
Hey I had a tubal ligation 7 years ago (I was 20) after I had my second child. Well I am a few days late on...More
Posted by amax2mommy
Tubal Ligation confused and needing help
Hey I had a tubal ligation 7 years ago (I was 20) after I had my second child. Well I am a few days late on...More
Posted by amax2mommy
Reply: pregnancy after miscarriage
I had a miscarriage on January 2011. Got pregnant on 2012 and had a healthy baby girl on January 2013. Almost...More
Posted by aly_bees

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Has anyone had a miscarriage and went on to have healthy babies
pregnancy, hormone problems... any help please...
Good day ladies. I am in quite a tight one right now. I have had a copper Iud for a little over 2 years now....More
Posted by aly_bees
Reply: early preg. fetal heart rate
Go by the date given to you by your doctor at your first appointment. So if that was based on your LMP then...More
Posted by mommab89
Reply: First Trimester Blood Test Results
Congratulations!! I am 5 weeks and had my bloodwork done today. She told me to call if I hadn't heard in a...More
Posted by undefined
Reply: Restless Sleep, in the 8 weeks?
I am 8 weeks pregnant and suddenly I found I only slept for 3 hours and no napping at all. Please help!!
Posted by l1zz13
6 days late, 2 faint positives, and dark brown red...
hey everyone, I really need the help if I can get any!! im on cd33 my period is now 6 days late! I've had 2...More
Posted by babyblue555
Reply: please I really need some help ! my period is late...
Not to scare you, but you CAN get pregnant even if you didn't have actual sex, if your boyfriend ejaculated...More
Posted by An_261817
Reply: Possibly Pregnant?
The morning after pill can fail. That being said, it takes 6-10 days for a fertilized egg to implant and...More
Posted by tlkittycat1968

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First desperate need of som...
I'm in my 6th week of pregnancy and having a terrible time with the symptoms. A constant feeling of uneasiness,...More
Posted by atirahk
Reply: Taking Cymbalta when pregnant
That is a question you need to ask your doctor.
Posted by tlkittycat1968
Reply: Cymbalta and pregnancy???
I know this was a long time ago but I am going through the same situation and wanting to know how you...More
Posted by needingsomeinfo
Reply: During my pregancy with my daughter first child I ...
Usually, your due date is based on your last period. Your date may change as the size of the fetus...More
Posted by tlkittycat1968
Reply: Am I pregnant?
Yes it still can be possible that your pregnant but it's a very slim chance that you are pregnant. your body...More
Posted by kheavlin
Found out I am pregnant over the road bf is a truc...
I found out I was pregnant on February 8, 2015 which I already suspected I was pregnant since I missed my...More
Posted by kheavlin
What is the beast breast pump to use?
Tip Description
Posted by kheavlin
Reply: I want to keep, Dad wants to abort. Advice???
Hi there, I think you should tell him in person and if he does not want to do anything with the baby both...More
Posted by kristine403

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Can I tell him via text message?
Reply: Is pineapple bad for pregnancy?!!!!
Um, why are you responding to a post that is at least 7 years old?
Posted by tlkittycat1968
Reply: Got a positive pregnancy test but bleeding heavily...
Light bleeding in early pregnancy is common. As everyone told it is a sign of miscarriage. Did you check with...More
Posted by ananyaw
Reply: feeling like s$%$
thank you for the reply tlkittycat1968 i really hope it dos get better!! today i went to the shops and...More
Posted by grumpybum

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My DH and I are 36-yrs old and excited to be having another child. We thought we were finished, but we are just got news otherwise. Our DD (4), is the...More

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Pregnancy and flying
Can anyone help me out?! I'm 29 weeks pregnant and its not a high risk pregnancy, i was wondering if anyone here has ever flew while ... More
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