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heavy bleeding
Im 20 years of age ,I have had pregnant symptoms for a week but the day AF was due I started bleeding heavy...More
Posted by An_263210
Spotting in 5Week
My last period start date was 20th april and I missed my period May month and got my first scan done...More
Posted by An_263120
I have a normal period of three days but my last one was completely weird. it was spotting for like 4 days a...More
Posted by An_263020
Early pregnancy symptoms and worries
I took a blood HCG test last Thursday and I'm pregnant with my second! I had my IUD (Mirena) taken out March...More
Posted by brandyce
Hcg numbers have me stressed
I was 11DPO and my blood work gave me 15.5 for my hcg. Fertility said its a bit low... But I was a bit early....More
Posted by An_262803
Sick and nothing seems to help +morning sickness.....
Hi everyone, I am 11 weeks with my 1st pregnancy. I was sick for months before my pregnancy with what the...More
Posted by meirarekaski
worried mom
Hi, Im 10 weeks 3days pregnant. At around 6 weeks i was suffering from servere morning sickness. Than over...More
Posted by An_262661
Period or inplantation bleeding?
Hi guys, so thought I'd see if anyone could help me out.. I had my period on the 1st of April (which was just...More
Posted by An_262638
Very low rise in HCG level
Hi I was confirmed pregnant on day 9 after ET with hcg level 56. Day 11 level was 94 and day 13 hcg hasn't...More
Posted by An_262618
what can my daughter take for a headche she is 4 w...
would like to know what my daughter can take for a headche she is 4 weeks More
Posted by bettyboop201
All Alone
Back in December I found out I was pregnant and my partner was extremely supportive. I unfortunately...More
Posted by Anon_234733
Blighted ovum?
I just found out I was pregnant and so when I went to the doctors they did an ultrasound on my stomach...More
Posted by newborntouch

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Im Confused 😶
okay i recieved my Period in March On The 28 And It ended in April On the First Then On the Third i was...More
Posted by An_262352
might be pregnant?
Hi, curiosity is killing me right now..I think I may be over thinking my whole situation but me and my boyfriend...More
Posted by danii1
Pregnant with twins
Hi I'm pregnant with twins I went to a Routine checkup with my obgyn and the did a sonogram at...More
Posted by mothertoanangel733
Tubal Ligation confused and needing help
Hey I had a tubal ligation 7 years ago (I was 20) after I had my second child. Well I am a few days late on...More
Posted by amax2mommy
Tubal Ligation confused and needing help
Hey I had a tubal ligation 7 years ago (I was 20) after I had my second child. Well I am a few days late on...More
Posted by amax2mommy
pregnancy, hormone problems... any help please...
Good day ladies. I am in quite a tight one right now. I have had a copper Iud for a little over 2 years now....More
Posted by aly_bees
early preg. fetal heart rate
After some severe cramping, hubs and I decided we should go to the ER. By the date of my LMP, I should've...More
Posted by An_262174
First Trimester Blood Test Results
Hi everyone, I'm 6 weeks pregnant and recently went in for my bloodwork screening. I was wondering how long...More
Posted by An_261971
pregnancy after miscarriage
Hello everyone today I'm about 5weeks pregnant and terrified I miscarried in October of 2014 and I can't...More
Posted by deshamarie05

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6 days late, 2 faint positives, and dark brown red...
hey everyone, I really need the help if I can get any!! im on cd33 my period is now 6 days late! I've had 2...More
Posted by babyblue555
please I really need some help ! my period is late...
the problem is this : me and my boyfriend messed around but without having actual sex or intercourse about 11...More
Posted by An_261809
Possibly Pregnant?
So if this is it I am not sure I am pregnant. My boyfriend and I had sexual intercourse last week...More
Posted by An_261793

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First desperate need of som...
I'm in my 6th week of pregnancy and having a terrible time with the symptoms. A constant feeling of uneasiness,...More
Posted by atirahk
Taking Cymbalta when pregnant
I am currently taking 60 mg of cymbalta (duloxetine) and trying to conceive. I am extremely depressed...More
Posted by needingsomeinfo
Found out I am pregnant over the road bf is a truc...
I found out I was pregnant on February 8, 2015 which I already suspected I was pregnant since I missed my...More
Posted by kheavlin
What is the beast breast pump to use?
Tip Description
Posted by kheavlin
During my pregancy with my daughter first child I ...
At first my due date was beginning of dec then middle of November then the end of November or the middle of...More
Posted by kheavlin
Am I pregnant?
Hello! Please no rude comments to this because I am only 16 and I just need advice! Okay, my last...More
Posted by cheyennerose

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Baby #2 is on the way! We have a wonderful, beautiful, bouncing baby girl who is 19 months old and just found out that we are expecting, again! My Hu...More

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