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My doctor found a penis like shape on my baby duri...
My doctor found a penis like shape on my baby during my 9 week sonogram. I've heard boys and girls have that...More
Posted by meagan_b
Good morning. I am curious if anyone has experienced this with a healthy baby result. I had my son 3/4/13 and...More
Posted by ayosmom7
Bright red implantation??
Hi all, I came off my pill early November 14 as we decided we want to start trying for another baby,...More
Posted by lizzieboo22
could i be pregnant
Please ladies I need help here, I saw my period last on 18/11/2014 and on m next expected period it...More
Posted by jennifer4live

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Barely a day, but kind of heavy bleeding
Just looking for some help, my period is pretty regular. But the past two.times it.came it lasted only a day....More
Posted by tori13b
Early HCG levels
Hi mommas out there! This is my 2nd preg, the first resulted in mc at 6 weeks. i found out about a week...More
Posted by newmommajean
deppressed at ten weeks??
My story is that I am 25 and pregnant with my second child. my first is two years old. About a month ago I...More
Posted by An_260099
First trimister
Iam 7 weeks pregnant this is our first baby and the problem with me is that I don't feel hungry.Even...More
Posted by bhavanapandey
7 weeks fatus normal heart beat.......
my fatus is 7 week old and heart beat are 90bmp is it ok ......More
Posted by ashwinipadwal
Need help I'm confused
Hi ladies I started to spot brownish and pinkish on my expected due date for my cycle and about an hour...More
Posted by prettydays
I'm very new to all these pregnancy changes and I'm about 6-8 weeks pregnant, is there anything i can take...More
Posted by hondagirl94
Flu Shot
Hi y'all. I am 7 or 8 weeks pregnant and need to know if i need to get the flu shot? I am all new at this....More
Posted by romojo321
4 weeks!
Hi everyone! I'm very new to all of this as I just found out we are pregnant with our first on Sunday! I'm...More
Posted by mblaylock84
diagnostic ultrasound
Hey Mommies! [br>[br>My name is Eden. I am a Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer. I am hoping to...More
Posted by eden51671
First Dr appt and U/S
So I got a positive and called the dr of course they want to do a confirmation of pregnancy appt. Well I went...More
Posted by Anon_7780
Could I be pregnant?
Ok so I need some help!! I'm 11 days past ovulation. Im also pretty regular with my cycle so I started what...More
Posted by An_259620
U/S at 7 Weeks...No heartbeat
So I went in last Thursday for our first U/S at 7 weeks. We are guessing on the time frame since we quit...More
Me-26; DH-28; IVF/ICSI1- Chemical Pregnancy; IVF/ICSI2- 2DD-2 1/2 years old; Surprise BFP 9/16/14; hCG on 9/17/14 was 603; hCG on 9/19/14 was 1468
Posted by jennifer_c12
pregnant after tubal ligation
Hey ladies, I am a 34 year old mother of 3, after my last birth (two years ago) I had my tubes tied our family...More
Madeline(31)DH(31)-DS Paul(4), DD Isabella (1), HPT 1/07/12 EDD 08/25/12 Green Team
Posted by mwhite80
bleeding after seeing heartbeat
Hi Everyone, so here's my story real quick....I had 2 early miscarriages (bleeding and no heartbeat...More
Posted by mamamajurie
My First child
Hi I am 38yr old woman 4 weeks and 3 days pregnant with my first and I am scared and nervous. I am...More
Posted by myishagriffin
HCG Quants that triple!
Hi! I am pregnant with my 2nd little one. As of today I am 5W. These are my quants so far: 3W,2D 41 3W,...More
Posted by lillygirl831
whats wrong with me
Hey everyone.....I have a question....I started bleeding heavy one day it only lasted about 3 hours. it was...More
Posted by An_259343

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Have this ever happen to anyone
Hello BFP!
Oh my goodness, I haven't been on these boards in ages it seems. I used to frequent the TTC & IVF...More
Posted by jennifer_c12
Irregular Bleeding
Hi, I dont have a regular menstrual cycle, it's always different. But everytime my period has come it has...More
Posted by An_259184
i am pregnant now, can i drink aloe vera gel regul...
Hello I am pregnant now , 3 month running. one friend suggest me to drink aloe vera drinks regular, so can I...More
Posted by myhandb
Started an early period then it stopped then it st...
My husband and I have been TTC for over six months now. I find my self so impatient at times but I always have...More
Posted by kcd1991
Started an early period then it stopped then it st...
My husband and I have been TTC for over six months now. I find my self so impatient at times but I always have...More
Posted by kcd1991
Surprise BFP!
So I have not been part of these discussions in several years. Our youngest is 4, but we had a surprise BFP...More
Posted by caitnop
Am I Pregnant?
I need help. Me and my fiancé has been trying to get pregnant. Last month we decided to look up my ovulation...More
Posted by An_259020

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Im 30 years old - DH 32. We have been together since 2000. Parents to a handsome baby boy born 7/31/11, a beautiful baby girl born 7/18/2012, and anot...More

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