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stomach muscle cramps and low body/back pain
I usually get muscle cramps along the sides of my stomach mostly in the morning when waking up. I also work...More
Posted by 1motherof4
Weird bleeding and symptoms - pregnant?
Hello! Hoping someone has had similar experience and can provide some advice and/or experience. On day 22...More
Posted by fit_guru512
HCG levels are high then drop and rise again in 7 ...
I have been pregnant 3 times before and this has never happened to me before. I just need some clarity if I'm...More
Posted by mama0f4
Possibly pregnant? 6 days late and weird symptoms....
Hi everyone! I am currently 6 days late for my period, and am having all different symptoms that are...More
Posted by motherat20
HCG Levels... I am very nervous!
So I am very nervous right now and part of me thinks its not necessary but I figured I would see what others...More
Posted by bjcrisp
Hi, I am new here so I am sorry if I have repeating anyone elses query, I am currently trying for a baby and my...More
Posted by etpug
I got my period last month 2 weeks late. I didnt have it long and sometimes i dont, But now its been like a...More
Posted by kyranfoster
Implantation Bleeding or Period?
I was 3 weeks late for my period and one day woke up to brown discharge which turned into bleeding the for...More
Posted by An_255898
Hi here's the deal. Me and my guy have bern trying to conceive since last Dec. My cycles are...More
Posted by eagermom82
need answers please! !!?
I was suppose to start my period the 16th of this month and I was 8 days late! I started spotting for...More
Posted by emaelovescameron
need help
Hey ladys have anyone been spottin for 5day and then 3 days somewhat heavy flowin I've been crampin moody...More
Posted by datgrlva
Do I need another C-section
I'm 35 yrs old, have 4 children already and expecting my 5th. My last child was by an emergency c-section 10...More
Posted by 1motherof4
am i pregnant or is it just a period?
hi. im 21 and i had already a baby, his 2 months old now. after giving birth, i had my 1st period on jan.16.....More
Posted by bossmij

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am i pregnant again? or just a period?
Gender At Home Tests
Should I, or shouldn't I? And if recommended how early can I take one?More
Posted by alina12512
This is my first Pregnancy
I have taken a test to confirm that I am pregnant but I am experiencing some stomach cramps is that...More
Posted by princesscindy
how early did you start showing?
hi this is my 4th pregnancy and 1 am 6 weeks 6 days and i feel like i am already showing, anyone else have...More
Melenie(27) DH(26) DD Rachel(3) DD Abigail(2) BFP 3/25/2012 EDD 12/04/2012 green team!!
Posted by melb1121
Newly Pregnant & lost
I just recently discovered I am pregnant, (I have my first appointment tomorrow but I'm guessing I'm around...More
Posted by An_255470
Chiroractor during first trimester
I am in my first trimester. Is it safe to go to the chiropractor to get adjusted for a back injury?
Posted by marazawadzki28
intamacy during pregnancy
things are different between me and my partner we haven't engaged in sexual activity since i found ou ti was...More
Posted by kristenkv
Could I be pregnant? ?
Hi. . I wad suppose to have my period January 27th through the 31st.. My cycle is a normal 28 days.....More
Posted by chelseykatarina23
Could I be pregnant? ?
Hi. . I wad suppose to have my period January 27th through the 31st.. My cycle is a normal 28 days.....More
Posted by chelseykatarina23
Am I pregnant?
I had my period last month twice.. I had it the first week then two weeks later I had my period again. The...More
Posted by An_255375
expecting a sep baby
Due Sep, 2014. Can't get here quick enough
Posted by amylynmcgill82
Having period twice in one month
So I had my period at the beginning of this month and then two weeks later I got my period again. The first...More
Posted by An_255375
Light cramping, only a few seconds, Pregnant?
Hi, my husband and i have been ttc for 4 months im going crazy, im currently 3 days late, ive been pretty...More
Posted by chelleranee
Craving something sugary sweet
I am about almost 6 weeks pregnant. and I didn't completely lose all my pregnancy weight from my first...More
Posted by bsyvertson87
Watch Devil's Due Online 2014
Watch Devil's Due Online 2014 Movie HD Online free streaming.... Watch I Frankenstein Online Watch I...More
Posted by beastak
Getting Blood Test despite Negative HPT
Hi Everyone! Hope you are well. The first day of my last period was 11/15/13. I missed my period in December...More
Posted by An_255162

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Possibly Pregnant?
Am I pregnant? On Depo
Hi, I am 25 yrs old, I have been on the Depo shot since may 2013. I have been having brown spotting for the...More
Posted by lfulmore07
Brown period then 7 days later brown spotting
Help me out ladies! I was supposed to start my period on January 2nd but nothing come until the 6th. What came...More
Posted by asherbug

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Baby number one was born in September 2010 after a frustrating 13 attempts to get pregnant. We decided since it was so hard to get pregnant the first ...More

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Pregnancy and flying
Can anyone help me out?! I'm 29 weeks pregnant and its not a high risk pregnancy, i was wondering if anyone here has ever flew while ... More
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