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need advice
am 5 weeks pregnant. i am sick all day long, i have no appetite, and tired all the time. i am afraid that my...More
Posted by nisatall
Confused, help please!
Alright, I am now 16 DPO (LMP was 11/28/13) was due for AF at 14 DPO. No spotting, no normal feelings or...More
Posted by An_254665
Confused, help please!
Alright, I am now 16 DPO (LMP was 11/28/13) was due for AF at 14 DPO. No spotting, no normal feelings or...More
Posted by An_254665
I need to find a Dr....
If anyone can help, I am almost three months prego and I need to find a Dr who takes Saturday appointments. I...More
Posted by An_254856
First Pregnancy, Week 5 and HUNGRY...ALL the time
I am constantly hungry and just about to enter week 5. I am not nauseous now, though I was Christmas Eve and...More
Posted by virgobabe
am I pregnant?
me and this guy had sex itll be 3 weeks ago saturday morning . My stomach has gotten little bigger, im eating...More
Posted by An_254806
hi i was sent to do a tv ultrasound at 9 weeks and now that im 10 weeks and 4 days pregnant they told me my...More
Posted by babyreality
Need advice please help!
I haven';t been on my birth control for a little over a month now. I usually get my periods at the end of the...More
Posted by kailat22
Cough in early pregnancy
Hi:) I am 35 and in my 5th week with baby #3. With my first I had no early preg symptoms at all, it actually...More
Posted by nic14120
Afraid of losing baby
Hi all. Is anyone else going crazy of the fear of losing your baby. I have had two babies already but I did...More
Posted by kandy1982
When did I conceive and what does it all mean...?!
My last period ended around October 20th... My husband & I had sex I think the following weekend and then I...More
Posted by arm888
First pregnancy and bleeding?
I am currently 6 weeks and 4 days. For the past 4 days I have been spotting. Day 1 light brown. Day 2...More
Posted by amandacrockett
Hot baths & steam rooms... Should I be as worried ...
I'm a 41 years new mum to be. My questions are many... Like when did I get pregnant? Is it bad I didn't know and...More
Posted by arm888
HCG 600
I tested positive with a home test 2 days early, Of course that wasn't enough, I tested again the day of...More
Posted by lilica81
pregnancy scan
I had a scan last week and was told by one scan lady that I was having twins because she could see two sacs but...More
Posted by kim1976
scared this is a miscarriage
I have been bleeding now for over 24hrs. I was supposed to get my period the friday before last. I took a...More
Posted by wildxonexx
What should I do?
I have a big question!!! Me and my boyfriend made love a lot without using protection, its been a week since...More
Posted by shelbi1993
First Pregnancy - June 15, 2014
Hello Everyone, I found out I was pregnant and this is my first pregnancy. Am 11 weeks. Is there anyone...More
Posted by mommynme2014
Help please :)
I don't actually know if I'm pregnant at all but I ovulated round 18th November and my last period...More
Posted by disneyisnumberone
Please help!!
I was suppose to get my period on 11/10 or 11th and still haven't gotten it! It is now 11/20, so that makes...More
Posted by amandaaox
Ever since I found out I was pregnant (about 2 weeks ago), I've been cramping EVERY time I have to go #2....More
Posted by avolpe320
sorry but need help
am 5 days late on my period.i have taken 2 HPT on 2 separate days & have had a blood test done on...More
Posted by chrissyzajac
Welcome new mother's to be..We would just like to take a brief moment to share with you the possibilities of...More
Posted by nickybank
implantation bleeding
Can someone shed some light I was supposed to have my period this past Thursday the 7th I didn't have my usual...More
Posted by monicarh
Scared out of my mind
I'm18 years old and missed my period on October 27th. I've never missed a period before and have never been...More
Posted by jandt52
Cysts while pregnant.
So I got my first ultrasound (9w 1d right now) and the ultrasound tech found 3 good sized benign cysts on one...More
Posted by emily1533
Implantation bleeding?
I have a pretty regular cycle, it's always 29 days. I had sex unprotected while ovulating. I started what I...More
Posted by alyssa2324
Am I Pregnant?
Ever since the last time i had unprotected sex i swear i right away felt pregnant. Which is weird because...More
Posted by An_254257
am i having a baby
Well did not have in June but had one in July on the 1 I started then had one in August at the beginning...More
Posted by prettyqueen86

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Hello! My name is Kim (if you didn't figure that one out already). Me and my wonderful husband wed on June 18th 2010 and on July 26th 2010 we had ...More

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Pregnancy and flying
Can anyone help me out?! I'm 29 weeks pregnant and its not a high risk pregnancy, i was wondering if anyone here has ever flew while ... More
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