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Best Pregnancy Book
Hey ladies just wanted to let you know about the fantastic pregnancy book I bought. 'Im...More
Posted by Schmaylan
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Reply: We had our first ultrasound
You got a lazy nurse.. If you saw the heartbeat you could have heard it she just needed...More
Posted by Schmaylan
Names/ Just For Fun!
So Ive been thinking a lot about names and Im really not settled on anything lol. I...More
Posted by Schmaylan
Reply: 11wks pregnant first Ob/Gyn very scared.
Actually there are things that tip off pregnancy with a pelvic exam. He should be able to...More
Posted by Schmaylan
Reply: Tuesday Tempers 11/2
The Good: Im starting to feel a little better, not quite so fatigued. Also they caught...More
Posted by Schmaylan
Reply: Pregnant While Taking Birth Control
I was on BC and never missed a day or took antibiotics so this baby was just meant to be...More
Posted by Schmaylan
Reply: Due in May? Lets get to know each other!
1. What is your name? Kaylan 2. When is your due date? 5/27 3. Current relationship...More
Posted by Schmaylan
Reply: Weight gain...
Im 9 weeks today and I think Ive gained 2 pounds but I lost 9 to begin with so Im just...More
Posted by Schmaylan
Reply: Nausea and major upset stomach
Hey there! Sorry you are going through this! I was/ still am in your shoes! I found...More
Posted by Schmaylan
Reply: Best Pregnancy Book
You welcome! I loved this one, you can always go to and get peeks inside...More
Posted by Schmaylan