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Joined: 04/23/2010
My Story:
I'm proud Momma of four awesome children. I had them in the perfect order I could have wished for: girl, boy, girl, boy. I've been a single mom since 1999 and wouldn't trade a minute. Mommyhood IS all it's cracked up to be!

My LO's are no longer infants (22,19,17,14), but they will always be my babies. My first baby was breach and delivered by C-section. The next two I tried to go vbac, but my body would NOT cooperate and I had some pretty serious complications with my third attempt. Because of those complications my youngest was a scheduled cesarean, as well.

Oh well...I missed out on the big exciting "Honey, I think it's time", but I still had healthy and absolutely beautiful babies! And that's what most important, right?

I'm here to support the 1st Trimester Community in any way I can. If there's ever a pregnancy question that has you stumped, or you just want to chat...just let me know!!

Big hugs & gentle belly pats to all! :)

~ Andie
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