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I will be celebrating my 55th birthday soon and my soon-to-be youngest daughter was born IN my heart, not under. That is to say we are adopting my great grandaughter who is now 21/2...... I came to this forum for one simple reason. We are on a fact finding mission. Our baby's bio mom is my eldest grandaughter who was living in group home during her pregnancy and being severe bi polar with severe episodes of mania, she was taking risperdal, lithium and depakote. Baby does have issues, diagnosed with early onset autism spectrum, leaning toward Asbergers' syndrome and a bigger issue at the moment is Oral Aproxia and lack of core muscles that make it difficult for baby to sit up unassisted. All of which we are working on. BUT... it would be helpful to hear from anyone that is taking any of these things in their first trimester as my grandaughter had to... Anyone?

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