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what do you think?
I have two kids already and i think im pregnant again. I have no symptoms what so ever...More
Posted by xybugsmomma
Subchronic Bleeding
So I had an early sonogram done at 7 weeks to check on the baby since I was having alot...More
Posted by xybugsmomma
Reply: Advised to Stop Taking Pre-natals?
My doctor also told me to take childrens vitamins the prenatals mess me whole system up...More
Posted by xybugsmomma
Reply: naturally normally big breasted women, when do you...
im a 36 DD but before i got pregnant with my daughter last year i went up a whole cup...More
Posted by xybugsmomma
Reply: Fertile Mucus on Depo?!?
I am pregnant now and i was on depo. You may want to make sure you are not pregnant and...More
Posted by xybugsmomma
Reply: 6 weeks and cramping
Depends. How far is she? Most doctors dont want to see you until about 8 weeks. Im...More
Posted by xybugsmomma
Reply: names
yea people are always pronounce it like exla...or why would you name her after a...More
Posted by xybugsmomma
I know many people dont like unique names but i want to keep it sort of different. I...More
Posted by xybugsmomma
Reply: Speaking of sweating, how about sugar crashes?
I had this with my first one, and I have had it a little this time im not sure whats...More
Posted by xybugsmomma
Reply: is any one else due in april?
Yea i think im about 5 weeks and a couple of days im not sure until i get my blood work...More
Posted by xybugsmomma