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Reply: belly button piercing
I agree with pp. I had mine pierced and took it out when I found out I was pregnant and now...More
Posted by sdadkin
Reply: Canned/Package tuna?
My doctor said you could have up to 6 oz a week which is one can. She said to only get the...More
Posted by sdadkin
Reply: First Time Pregnancy Worries and Questions
First off, it's very normal to be feeling this way! I think it would be kind of rare to get...More
Posted by sdadkin
Moving up!
I just had my second doctor's appointment yesterday! I'm 12 and half weeks pregnant with...More
Posted by sdadkin
Reply: Due in May? Lets get to know each other!
1. What is your name? Dawn 2. When is your due date? 5/10 3. Current relationship status?...More
Posted by sdadkin
Reply: May Due Dates!
I'm due May 10th! I get to move up to the 2nd trimester board next week! This will be our...More
Posted by sdadkin
Reply: Late April/Early May Due Dates
I'm due May 10th! I was 3 weeks early with my son, so it's possible I could deliver in...More
Posted by sdadkin
Does this happen to anyone else...
I work for a retail store and we have a daily meeting that usually lasts around 10 minutes...More
Posted by sdadkin
Reply: leg cramps
Is it like a charlie horse cramp? Whenever you are having a cramp point your toes outward....More
Posted by sdadkin