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My name is Erin im 34 years old. After many years of trying had our son Sean on 5/3/2012. Knew we wanted another baby but feared that it was going to take a while so started to try when Sean was 8 months. Could not have imagined to get pregnant so soon. My guess is due date late Oct early Nov. Hopefully all goes well since we are so early in the process but am overjoyed to add to the family. :)

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Baby number 2
Tested positive today. My DS will be 10 months this weekend! It took so long to get...More
Posted by EEE4565
Reply: Flu shots?
I had mine More
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Reply: new here with a question
I started showing at about 12 1/2 weeks. I heard if you have children already that you can...More
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Reply: The List! As of 11/02/11
almost in 2nd Tri 12/19 gender ultrasoundMore
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Reply: Need input! Please!
I had the same issues with the cramping and spotting. I called my doctor since it was...More
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Reply: The cat wants out of the bag
We have told imediate family and a few close friends. And my manager. Have a 1st tri screen...More
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Reply: Migraines
Posted by EEE4565
Is anyone else experincing migraines. Before pregnancy i got them about once a moth and...More
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Reply: Sharing the big news
Im aiming to last until about 12 weeks, im so terrible at keeping exciting news a secret....More
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