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Reply: Pregnancy Second Thoughts
I wasn't doing anything to prevent pregnancy but I wasn't the happiest when I found out...More
Posted by beckie_33
Reply: not aving sex
Having sex during pregnancy is not harmful to you or the baby in any way. The baby is...More
Posted by beckie_33
Reply: First trimester pregnancy with RLS - need help!!!
I have a mild case of RLS and I have insomnia. I take Trazodone at night to help me...More
Posted by beckie_33
Reply: New here and looking for some advice...
Lurking from 3rd tri. Try eating 6 small meals through out the day and not 3 large...More
Posted by beckie_33
Reply: having cramps
Some cramping in early pregnancy is normal. It's just your uterus growing. If you have...More
Posted by beckie_33
Reply: Worried about dull ache in right pelvic area
Lurking from 3rd tri. Some cramping is normal during your first trimester. As long as...More
Posted by beckie_33
Reply: Looking for OB/GYN
Lurking from 2nd tri. I found my OB/GYN on the internet. I just googled OB/GYN for my...More
Posted by beckie_33
Reply: Anybody have too much phlegm?
Lurking from 2nd tri. I have the same problem and I use the breathe right nasal strips...More
Posted by beckie_33
Swollen feet and ankles?
Lurking from 2nd tri. My doctor told me the best medicine for swollen feet and ankles...More
Posted by beckie_33
Moving up to 2nd trimester
I'm now 14 weeks so i'm moving up. The last 14 weeks has gone by very slowly. At least...More
Posted by beckie_33