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I am a mother of 1 daughter, Lily born May 27th 2009. I was married Dec. 6th 2008 to an amazing man who I adore. I had severe pre-eclampsia with my daughter. At 36 weeks I began having seizures and was rushed to the ER. My blood pressure was so high they said I was passed were most people end up in comas or die. They had no idea how I survived. I was also put on life support for a short period as well. I had an emergency C-section and thankfully my daughter came out wonderful and healthy. 5lbs 2oz. I was still horribly sick and in danger but luckily I was able to make it through. I do not remember any of this or even having my daughter. But now I have 1 wild and hyper toddler who means the world to me... Now expecting baby number 2 in February 2014

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