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Gas/Bloating Tip
I was having a really bad time with excessive bloating and so far have found that drinking hot water with...More
Posted by crumcake
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B Natal for Morning Sickness
Hi everyone! I just had my first prenatal appt. and my doctor gave me some free samples of B Natal...More
Posted by lauraleemartin
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stretch marks?
okay i dont have a tip im looking for a tip on how to not get stretch marks well how to TRY and prevent them...More
Posted by britc23
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Coughing up blood
My friend is pregnant with her 2nd child. Now she is coughing up blood and I asked another friend (who...More
Posted by b67_8808_lover
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Hello, I have a question.I had oral sex with an individual, Well i seem too be fine. Nothing about me has...More
Posted by An_217362
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Email Digests Are Back!
Don't get to your favorite boards every day? We're all busy, so sometimes it is nice to have your...More
Posted by Andie_WebMD_Staff
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Stomach issues
drick some pickle juice, maybe even just a sip and ur stomach problems will be gone. i never would have made it...More
Posted by colopyr
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Best Pregnancy Book
Hey ladies just wanted to let you know about the fantastic pregnancy book I bought. 'Im Pregnant!' by Lesley...More
Posted by Schmaylan
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help for upset tummy
I can't really call it morning sickness since it seems to hit me the worst around 11:30 and continue through...More
Posted by Jhawkchick
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Round Ligament Pain
Around 11 weeks or so I noticed very weird pains on my sides. It happened when I moved abruptly or stretched a...More
Me(31)~ DIAGNOSED w/PCOS in '05
Posted by ebonyeye
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Pregnancy and TB
My daughter is about 2 months pregnant and she has been with a person that has been exposed to TB.The person she...More
Posted by cjbs65
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Positive home pregnancy test
I just took a home pregnancy test and it was positive!!! My last period was July 4, I believe the conception...More
Posted by applause
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Tummy-Calming Concoction
My morning sickness has been RIDICULOUS with this pregnancy. It's pretty much all-day, every day...More
Jenn (27) and James (30) expecting our third 4/1/2011!  We already have 2 DS's (ages 4 and 2) we're rooting for a girl this time!
Posted by JennMactastic
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blood clots
had sex with my bf on june 5th and starting bleeding on june 24th it was light and the next dat dark for a...More
Posted by An_217359
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not sure if i am pregnant
hello everyone ! I am not sure if i am pregnant. I always have had a regular menstrual cycle, and i expected to...More
Posted by yarigen
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maybe not good idea
whitewater rafting throws you around a lot! but the baby is well it's kind of 'iffy' I...More
Posted by An_217358
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More Than 2 Million Cribs Recalled by 7 Manufactur...
In a recent WebMD article itrecalled by Evenflo, Delta, and five other manufacturers. The recall...More
Posted by Andie_WebMD_Staff
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Pregnancy-Related Urinary Incontinence
How many of you who are pregnant have experienced urine leakage? WebMD Health Expert, Diane K....More
Posted by Andie_WebMD_Staff
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Esssential Baby Gear
What baby gear do you need for your newborn? At some point, your little love will make his or her way...More
Posted by Andie_WebMD_Staff
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The dreaded lice
I was wondering if anyone knows if you are pretty sure you might be pregnant and your child brought home lice...More
Posted by An_217357
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Revised: New Features on Exchanges!
Dear Members, You may have noticed some changes that happened to your Exchange after last weekeend....More
Posted by Andie_WebMD_Staff
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6 Embarrassing Pregnancy Symptoms
Experts offer tips for coping with everything from excess gas to forgetfulness. To help you know...More
Posted by Andie_WebMD_Staff
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Does a pregnancy test become positive later when t...
I just found this today.. curious if any of you have any experience with this. I didn't monitor HCG with my...More
Posted by Starla_94
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Common Abbreviations on Pregnancy Exchanges
New to the pregnancy exchanges and wondering what all those abbreviations stand for? Not anymore! ...More
Posted by Andie_WebMD_Staff
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I need your tips...
Now that you have had twelve or so days to get to know the new exchanges-let me know what else we...More
Posted by Louise_WebMD_Staff
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Spotlight: Member Stories

It all began 10 long years ago with my first, a boy!! How time flew by. After 7 long years and doctor's telling me I couldn't have any more I ...More

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Constipation Tip! (Gross, I know.)
Hi Ladies! With every pregnancy my worst symptom has been my inability to poop. It's pretty disgusting, I know. HOWEVER, the only reason ... More
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