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Hello I am 32 weeks pregnant and my doctor say my baby might have s cyst on her kidney should I be worried...More
Posted by An_263526

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Is it dangerous should I be worried
Confused worried mom :-(
Hi there, I am currently on my 3rd pregnancy which isn't going well. My first pregnancy ended with a...More
Posted by proudmommy0625
Knot in umbilical cord
I'm 9 months pregnant and have had so many complications, my feet and hands are red , irritated, painful,...More
Posted by satinswhite
child with adha and autism is there a link with ta...
am a mother of four boys.....My first two i did not take lovenox because i did not know i had factor...More
Posted by brittanymurphy
Ectopia Cordis
My husband and I are 10 weeks pregnant, but at an ultrasound performed a week ago, the Dr informed us that...More
Posted by An_262499
Keen And Worried
Hi I'm Emma I'm nearly 27 and had mine done before I was 21 due to 3 c sections complications and...More
Posted by emmsapphireryansga
Possible MoMo twins?
We are first time pregnant, and went into our first appointment at around 8 weeks today. The doctor said she...More
Posted by bfreebie
Possible MoMo twins?
We are first time pregnant, and went into our first appointment at around 8 weeks today. The doctor said she...More
Posted by bfreebie
wonders without end
My HIV virus that was cured by a great spell caster called Dr Zuma. Since last 7 months i was having the...More
Posted by robinsonlee
Pregnant and having Difficulty with lovenox shots ...
Hey- so I was hospitalized in December 2014 BC I had pulmonary embolism- blood clot in lungs. The Dr told...More
Posted by mikaelasims
Placental Tearing at 20 weeks
Hey all, I was just diagnosed with placental tearing at 19w5d. The OBGYN on cal at the hospital admitted...More
Posted by nichhollle
Nervous mom to be
Recently I was told I was pregnant and my HCG levels are 1289 when an ultrasound was done they could see a sack...More
Posted by lola15
Healing blood clot - Oral sex safe?
Okay, so I didn't ask my doctor this, as for some reason I can have her doing her thing down there and feel...More
Posted by An_257823
High Risk Pregnancy due to Blood clotting disorder...
I have Factor 2 and 5 genetic mutation and have had a huge blood clot in the past, I'm now 6 weeks pregnant...More
Posted by britbrat93
Blood clot on placenta
I am currently 21 weeks and 4 days pregnant, I was sent to the ER a couple of days ago because my cervix was...More
Posted by bniel715
High Platelet Count
Hello! I am just over 8 weeks pregnant. This is my second pregnancy. At my first prenatal appt, my CBC...More
Posted by rooni222
is it safe to get preganant after three c.sections...
Hi every body , I am a new memeber in this forum and I am really in need of help as Iam suffering from...More
Posted by rimmaliki
Prothrombin mutation
My husband and I expected to have our family complete by this point in our lives. Unfortunately, we have now...More
Posted by kdw1980
seizure disorder, first time pregnacy
I have been suffering from grand mal seizures since 2004. I had just returned from a lengthy deployment...More
Posted by amylynmcgill82
ACLA test in on-going pregnancy
Hi, I'm from india & posting on-behalf of my wife. Little history --- 3 m/c at 5, 6 & 8 month...More
Posted by deepak5142
many blood clots visable in the uterus 1st trimest...
My close friend found out that she has a perfect little surprise on the way she is now 12 weeks and 2 days....More
Posted by An_254832
Partially separated placenta
I'm 29 weeks today and have been in the hospital since yesterday for a partially separated placenta. I had...More
Posted by bethcard0630
Prothrombin gene, MTHFR and pregnancy
I recently found out that I have a heterozygous prothrombin gene mutation and a homozygous MTHFR c677t gene...More
Posted by An_254389
multiple cysts in kidneys
hello everyone our doctor told me that our baby who is on 18th week has multiple cysts on right kidney and...More
Posted by rayierth
5 weeks pregnant, bleeding without cramps. Miscarr...
Last night I started bleeding (not spotting) red blood. almost like the first day of your period. not too...More
Posted by vanessav024
Big blood clot dislodge
My wife is almost 14 wks pregnancy. We had sex yesterday evening, this moring a big blood clot caming out, it...More
Posted by Xunwei
Using Lovenox Prior to Conception
Hello. Has anyone used Lovenox prior to conception? My doctor first recommended to use Lovenox a week prior...More
Posted by An_253554

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Trying to conceive first baby with one ovary & had...
Hi Everyone, My husband and i have started to try for our first child this month. My period was one day...More
Posted by jerseygrl888
ovarian cyst
am 7 weeks now and i have a 10 cm sized ovarian doctor suggested to check the cyst and decide upon.i...More
Posted by An_253169
Baby girl just diagnosed with Encephalocele
Hi, everyone. Does anyone else have a child born with Encephalocele. My neurosergeon says that the...More
Posted by KRCampbell

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im 18 years old and an expectant mother i know nothing of the nothingness.i was told during my second month of my pregnancy that i had what was know a...More

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