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Autoimmune Disease & Just Found Out I'm Pregnant a...
Hi! I have Behçet's Disease - not Lupus. But Behçet's has such a lower population of people to help with...More
Posted by Anon_22552
High risk pregnancy with complications
I'm posting to see if anybody else has any of the same issues as me. I'm 17 weeks pregnant and have...More
Posted by AmandaS50158
Almost 500 lbs and 11 weeks pregnant
I'm really concerned about delivering a healthy baby. I have been diabetic for 12 years now and suffer from...More
Posted by Makeeba218
Utrine rupture
What is the expected recovery time from a Utrine rupture that require a hestorectomery and blood transfusion...More
Posted by NessaB
I am trying to help my girlfriend while waiting for her 10 week OB appointment. Stef is 7 weeks pregnant...More
Posted by DadhelpingMom

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Would Reducing Subutex to 1mg. from 4mg carry a lower risk of postnatal withdrawl (NAS)?
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28 and 12week baby no heartbeat, and fibroid 7cm a...
Hi, After todays scan we found out that my baby has not heart beat. I was 12 week pregnant. Besides in the...More
Posted by spmary
can i have a baby with epilepsy
Dear WebMD, i'm hoping for some good news. i'm 38 years old and suffer with epilepsy and is taking Tegretol 400mg...More
Posted by speak
chances of normal pregnancy after uterine rupture
I am 37 years old, married for 13 years with no issues. I suffered a missed abortion in 2003. In May 2012 I...More
Posted by An_250532
conjoined twins
I am 23yrs old and 16weeks into my first pregnancy. At 11weeks my husband and i were told we are having...More
Posted by arachelleb
fetal liver infection
I am 19 weeks pregnant. I had an ultrasound today. The doctors noticed some brighter areas in the baby's liver...More
Posted by Erais
Enlarged cystic kidneys
I am 19 weeks, and we just had an ultrasound yesterday that showed the babies kidneys enlarge and...More
Posted by faithandhope13
MTHFR and Factor V: Scared to try again!
Hi All, I was diagnosed with hetero Factor V and heterozygous for the C677T mutation in the MTHFR gene after...More
Posted by dischm1
Pregnancy and Type 1 diabetes
Hi I was just wondering if anyone could help or discuss with me my current delima with trying to get pregnant...More
Posted by Bsjelly05
Severe asthma attack
Hello! I have many concerns due to different issues during pregnancy. However, my biggest concern at this...More
Posted by CindyLou1974
Kell Negative baby but titre levels are still risi...
Hello, at 8 weeks I was told I was + for a kell antibody. I had the amnio done and learned that baby is...More
Posted by ppdoualva
Pregnancy: High-Risk Conditions community
Hi - I hope I have some words of hope and encouragement for all of you. My son is now 24 YEARS OLD and this...More
Posted by oldermom
Fetus kidney cysts in 19 weeks
Hello i need some help please. I recently had my u/s to find out the sex of my baby but instead the doctors told...More
Posted by Shania
Posted by ciinnam0nbby
~Just blown away~
~Wow! I sit here in awww and tears reading all of your posts!~I too 17 years ago (1995) was pregnant...More
Posted by Misssunshinesmiley
~Just blown away~
~Wow! I sit here in awww and tears reading all of your posts!~I too 17 years ago (1995) was pregnant...More
Posted by Misssunshinesmiley
HELP! 6 weeks pregnant and some bleeding
Hello, everyone. Today I am 6 weeks pregnant, 3 days. This is my third pregnancy. The first blessed me with a...More
Posted by lmr_1323
Trisomy 21 Test
I am looking for feedback on the Materni T21 PLUS test, the Harmony test, and the Verifi Prenatal test. I...More
Posted by bbresearch
Uterus Rupture with my first baby
Has anyone went on to have a successful delivery/pregnancy after they have had a Uterus Rupture? I...More
Posted by lissasphotography
Prothombin gene mutation
I have been diagnosed with heterogeneous 6 years ago and lost 9 pregnancies and have two kids 5 weeks early....More
Posted by ItalyG
26 weeks with a funneling cervix
I am 26 weeks pregnant and my cervix begun to funnel at 24 weeks. My cervix went from 2.9 down to 2.1 in...More
Posted by lovelyheavenly
18 weeks pregnant with lots of complication
Im 18 weeks pregnant right now, I been going to my doctor at least 3-4x a month, have been to Er on my 12...More
Posted by fatimaldits
So i was diagnosed with mthfr after my daughter was born sleeping at 31 weeks in march of 2012. i am now 9...More
Posted by ricehlly
So i was diagnosed with mthfr after my daughter was born sleeping at 31 weeks in march of 2012. i am now 9...More
Posted by ricehlly
psych drugs and pregnancy
am going to try for a second pregnancy but have panic attacks and bipolar while pregnant with my son i had...More
Posted by angelathoma
Any current discussions or support communities for...
Hi, I am new to this site and was just looking to chat with others in my same situation. I have browsed a bit...More
Posted by sw83397

Spotlight: Member Stories

My first pregnancy was complicated; pregnancy, labor and delivery were so devastating that I was diagosed with post tramatic stress syndrome. My husba...More

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