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pregnant and methotrexate
I just found out I am pregnant with my first child and have an appointment March 20th. I am 33 and was taking...More
Posted by An_243858
Lovenox and Autism
I too was on Lovenox with both of my pregnancies. I had a copy of Factor V. My daughter is now 6 and my son...More
Posted by An_243845
Low Thyroid
I have low thyroid that has gone untreated until 9 weeks. I had it prior and my doctor put me on a watchful...More
Posted by RobynMia
Cysts on fetus kidney
My sister just found out shes pregant at 28 week along and both kidneys have cysts on them! Shes so...More
Posted by Believe837912
Getting Pregnant wih blocked tubes
Hello all, I was hoping to get some advice on the best ways to conceive with my situation. I have a blocked...More
Posted by mrs_bush
father on methadone
I recently found out that i am pregnant. The father is currently undergoing methadone treatment. I was...More
Posted by An_243539
At risk to miscarry...stressed out
Hi, this is my first post ever anywhere. I just need to vent my story. I have an 18 month old son and my...More
Posted by ycul78
Talking baby after having a preemie
My little girl was born 4 yrs ago today, 16 weeks premature. I had some bladder infections and it caused me...More
Posted by kmiller2130
Whether to treat certain diseases in pregnancy
My husband is a biochemical engineering Ph.D. and knows the harm of man-made chemicals, but I am a...More
Posted by An_243320
Previous Lead Exposure and Pregnancy
Hello, I am 26 and have just started trying to get pregnant. I recently found out that I have had previous...More
Posted by An_243293
I am 25 weeks pregnant, my ultrasound tech found c...
My unborn son has a bright spot in his left ventricle, indicating too calcium. I am going to a...More
Posted by Ebonychanelle
I have type 1 diabetes and am 8 weeks pregnant
I am very happy about this, but my blood sugar levels were not well-controlled beforehand; my A1C was...More
Posted by jjneedsursupport
Leak in placenta or clot
The doctor told me yesterday that i may have a leak in the placenta or a clot, i just had a cerclage...More
Posted by krystalshantel
In need of some opinions....please..
So i am expecting my 2nd child. my son came out great and healthy when i had him. And with my 2nd, there...More
Posted by snowfox1331
Incompetent Cervix - Emergency Cerclage (SUCCESS S...
Just wanted to share some encouragement for other women who may be going through this ordeal... We went to...More
Posted by mlynn927
umbilical vein varix
was diagnosed with umbilical vein varix at 31 weeks the dialation measured 16mm-20mm or 1.6cm- it is...More
Posted by peyton318
High risk pregnancy
After i had my daughter in Feb 2011 I had precancerous cells removed from my cervix. I was told that if i got...More
Posted by mwhite80
Waiting In Faith
Thank you to all of the wonderful, STRONG women that have posted to this site. Your stories make me feel...More
Posted by fowlerhome112
Factor 5 leiden and prothromin gene mutation
Ok so i got stuck with both of these mutations and have been trying so hard to have a child. I have...More
Posted by mistyjewel
Ovary removal during early pregnany?
So, I just found out I am a few weeks pregnant (going to get a blood test today to find out exactly how long)...More
Posted by soXamor
Is there a link between Lovenox & autism?
see this disturbing link: Someone, please provide additional...More
Posted by craigsl
RH negative
I am RH negative, not pregnant yet, never have been, but am planning on getting pregnant in the next...More
Posted by peachychick54
any info on these syndromes C.A.O.S and PPROM
does any one have any info on these syndromes??? C.A.O.S (chronic abruption oligohydramnios syndrome) or PPROM...More
Posted by kbermeo
What are the complications to the infant born betw...
My daughter is 21 weeks pregnant. Scans show the infant is developing normally. Her cervix is opening and...More
Posted by An_241883
Placenta abruption
Hello, I had a Placenta abruption at 34 weeks in my first pregnancy, no signs other then the sudden...More
Posted by Monie10231107
Can or should a woman consider pregnancy if her th...
My fiancee had her thyroid gland removed some years ago. She is 35 and wants to get pregnant. My concern is if...More
Posted by Milennis
Bicornuate Uterus--serverity
My wife just found out she has a heart shaped uterus called Bicornuate. We were planning on beginning...More
Posted by gotsomequestion
Pregnancy with RSD
My wife has been diagnosed with RSD. She takes Gabapentin for the disease. I was wonder if anyone else has...More
Posted by tkeoilman
Weak Cervix
Ok, I have a quick question has anyone ever lost there baby to a weak cervix. And also when you get...More
Posted by SimonaSwaby
Ruptured Uterus
I to had a ruptures uterus my son would have been 3years 1month old now he lived for one day. He died from...More
Posted by Althea071

Spotlight: Member Stories

My first pregnancy was complicated; pregnancy, labor and delivery were so devastating that I was diagosed with post tramatic stress syndrome. My husba...More

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