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    I am a mother nine beautiful angels all vaginal deliveries no complications except what's to be expected. When I was pregnant with my 7 th child I put my self on bed rest just because she made it hard for me to walk the last three months of pregnancy then when it was time to deliver she was born on the passenger side of the truck right in front of ER. My hubby deliver her of course that was so like a script never seen on tv. And I thought that was a complicated birth until my sister whom never been pregnant , did so only to have a still born at 6mos with her 1st child (boy) 2 years later on her second child (girl) to be a 6 month preemie third child( girl)to be a 6month preemi forth child (boy) to be a 6 month still born fifth child (girl) to be a 6 month preemie sixth child(boy) carried way to long suffered a uterin rupture 4 days before scheduled cs catastrophic to baby mom still fighting lost a lot of blood for 2 days many surgeries had 3 code blues , kidneys failed and some other complications I couldn't take anymore info it just became to much. she still critical it's been 3 wks she's improving slowly . Thank you Jesus . I never imagined that childbirth could be so complicated . Now that I'm reading all these testimonies I'm in tears . I send out prayers to all and pray that blessing come down on all of pregnancies .

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