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One positive pregnancy test followed by three nega...
Hello. I wonder if anyone can help me with my question. My periods are NOT exactly 28 days apart every...More
Posted by livefreetoday5
chances of pregnancy??
Last night me and my partner had played with each others' genital parts. Our hands were clean. But because of...More
Posted by mahbuhs
Pregnant or not ?
I had unprotected sex 3 times on the 25th of July (10-14 days before my period was due) ...(I know it's early...More
Posted by chloem08
Am I pregnant ???
Right I'm not to sure about the dates but I know I was on my period on the 8th of July , and think I finished...More
Posted by chloem08
what are the chances of pregnancy when removing th...
what are the chances of pregnancy when removing the implanon? ive had it for 7 months with 6 months of non...More
Posted by An_263810
Reply: First trimester lower back pain
I'm 3 months pregnant and I too had back pain but wasnt like this. I hope you saw a doctor and please do...More
Posted by reneejackson01
Asthma and Pregnancy
When I was around 6 1/2 weeks pregnant I became very ill with a virus. I got to a point where I was having 3...More
Posted by irok1234
Acute Fatty Liver of Pregnancy
Hi! I'm new here! Has anyone experienced Acute Fatty Liver of Pregnancy, AFLP? My granddaughter was with us...More
Posted by nana043014
Acute Fatty Liver of Pregnancy
Hi! I'm new here! Has anyone experienced Acute Fatty Liver of Pregnancy, AFLP? My granddaughter was with us...More
Posted by nana043014
Acute Fatty Liver of Pregnancy
Hi! I'm new here! Has anyone experienced Acute Fatty Liver of Pregnancy, AFLP? My granddaughter was with us...More
Posted by nana043014
Pregnancy complications and need advice
im 8 weeks pregnant. At 6 weeks they found a blood clot in my uterus and a yolk sac but not a baby. I went...More
Posted by ashtynricks
Reply: Do me and my boyfriend have a chance of pregnancy ...
Hi, I think there is a big chance that you might get pregnant. If you are, let me share here with you a...More
Posted by kristine403
Week late and 2 faint positives..confused
Hi everyone im new to a week late on my period and i done a clearblue test on tuesday mornin and...More
Posted by needadvice14
TTC, could i be pregnant?
I am now 11 days DPO and I still believe it may be too early to take a test. But i've been showing a few...More
Posted by guestlea000
Reply: Positive then negative pregnancy test?
you may want to be careful. This has happened to me once and i was showing all pregnancy symptoms and when i...More
Posted by An_259864

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Am I pregnant?
Am I pregnant?
My fiance and I had unprotected sex a few nights ago on my 4th day into my period. It's not an "oops"...More
Posted by guestlea000

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Miscarriage or pregnant
I have Took five pregnancy test three positive to negative I was three days late on my period When...More
Posted by kayleighgunn2314

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Reply: swimming in lakes while pregnant? ?
Hi there, it is definitely okay to swim in lakes and ocean just be extra careful. Swimming is good for...More
Posted by kristine403
Reply: I need help ASAP
Hi, you should definitely listen to your body.And, have you been tracking your ovulation? Because tracking...More
Posted by kristine403
Reply: Getting worried but not sure if okay or not!!
Some symptoms sound like Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction , or SBD: ...More
Posted by katietigerlily
Reply: female infertility treatment
Hi there, I am a mother to a five year old girl. And I know some moms who had a hard time to conceive...More
Posted by tisha_guce
Hcg levels
So I had my initial blood work done on Friday around 645 pm went back Sunday was redrawn around 145. She said...More
Posted by An_256556
Chicken Pox vaccination before becoming pregnant
Having children with in a year and I have not had the chicken pox. I was told I need to get the chicken pox...More
Posted by emilykayeh
confused. Need some help! (:
Hello, my name is Adele. Im newly married and just moved due to my husband being in the Army. I had my last...More
Posted by adele3010
Help please!! Confused.. Scared!
I'm 19weeks pregnant, this all started after penetration and I was having a light bleed for the past four...More
Posted by An_255046
Reply: What could be causing the swelling in my legs and ...
What you need is a Prenatal Cradle. They're specially designed to relieve swelling of the legs, feet and...More
Posted by An_254820
If you're looking for baby thermometers , MedicalExpo has an excellent selection of non-invasive products...More
Posted by An_254347
Was this Helpful?
Okay so I'll make this quick, just please respond. I'm 18 I was on depo provera for a year AND the pill both...More
Posted by An_252740
Weird combination.. Could I be pregnant?!
SO.. my boyfriend & I had sex while on my period. Not heavy at all. No condom. & The next day it was...More
Posted by An_252472
Worried about my period
Hi I'm 28 years old. I had sex with my partner 2 times after midnight on June 14th and after he finished which...More
Posted by mms515

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Mom of 4 TTC again =D in need of some advice and willing to give some too :)

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