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Medication while pregnant
I'm new at this so please bare with me. I found out I am pregnant and I was wondering if there is a limit on...More
Posted by Mommy2Be12
Pregnancy Questions
Hello, I am 27 years old and my husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for 3 years now. I have my...More
Posted by lthompson1419
conception during period
can you have conception during your period ? and can implantation occur during pregnancy?More
Posted by An_247415
just found out a few days ago i am pregnant, which is great news! i have been spotting light pink every...More
Posted by USAFWife07
Should a Pregnant woman take Gravol or not?
I am 8wks pregnant. I cannot eat anything, as I eat I throw up. The doctor suggested Gravol and as did the...More
Posted by Baby1st100
Very scared - had ultrasound yesterday.... problem...
I went in for my mid point ultrasound yesterday. The tech first measured the head and it said 16 wks...More
Posted by KellyMealer2011
Could I have been pregnant and had a miscarriage?
I know there was a slight possibility of being pregnant. I was a week late of my designated start date for my...More
Posted by An_246087
Could I have been pregnant and had a miscarriage?
I know there was a slight possibility of being pregnant. I was a week late of my designated start date for my...More
Posted by An_246087
Medications taken while pregnant
I am currently taking Klonopin for anxiety and I need to know what possible side effects on the fetus this...More
Posted by An_246021
Bleeding and Pregnancy
went to the clinic about a cyst on my ovary and found out i am pregnant now im about nine weeks according to...More
Posted by An_245965
What could be causing the swelling in my legs and ...
I am only 10 weeks pregnant. I have been experiencing extreme swelling in my legs and feet, especially the...More
Posted by An_245870
am i pregnant
missed my period but then all of a sudden on May 27 i started spotting dark brown discharge im confused is...More
Posted by An_245734
pregnancy cramps
so my love and i have been trying to get pregnant and i think it might have worked.. yesterday at work i had...More
Posted by An_243884
I need some help
So, I will be trying to get pregnant as of today and I need a little help. I have irregular peroids, I have no...More
Posted by Kacie123
2 vessel cord
I am almost 22 weeks pregnant with my second child and we just found out that the baby only has a 2...More
Posted by anniekaster10
shingles in pregnancy
I am about 7 weeks pregnant(according to last period) I have not been to the doctor yet because I just took...More
Posted by StephWall07
Pregnant and on medications
I am taking Prozac,meteprolol,prilosec,and requip. What can these do to my baby? I will be going to the...More
Posted by TamaraViney
so confused?
havent been on here in a while. So. some background. DD 2003. molar pregnancy 2005. DS 2007. 14 wk miscarriage...More
Posted by Laur1981
Can not Sleep 20 Weeks Pregnant
Hello I am a 24 year old female that is 20 weeks pregnant. I can not sleep at night during the day by myself...More
Posted by Jaslyn1988

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Depo Vero Shot
Hey, I had gotten the shot december & am due for my next shot March 14th, would I still be able to...More
Posted by Loveeeely
Why is it so hard for me the get pregnant?? I get pregnant one time and that was a ectopic pregnancy
Posted by An_243642
Options for having kids
I can not have kids due to health issues? What options do I have other than adoption? Seragent Mothers....but...More
Posted by curls815
Can I still get pregnant??
I was wondering what were the chances of getting pregnant if u have 3 live births, 2 abortions, and 1...More
Posted by JennWilliam
preg. wife on third trimester with stomach ach and...
what to give my wife as a treatment, or to make her feel better? i need to know. what can she do, or take...More
Posted by broghamiv
I dont Know if i'm able to get pregnant or not.
I always "make love" during my most peak fertility days but I seem to keep getting my period and I have taken...More
Posted by An_243401
possible miscarriage
found out i'm pregnant but i've been on my period for 10 days. The ER did a blood HCG test today and it was 30...More
Posted by Yamilex
want to have a baby but...
Ok wives out there I am 22 my DH is 24 we have been married over a year now, I have finished college before...More
Posted by Bulley1030

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okay i really need some advice i had a baby when i was 16 and he is now 4 years old going on 5 immediatly...More
Posted by An_242640

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Mom of 4 TTC again =D in need of some advice and willing to give some too :)

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