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very late, am i pregnant?
Im very worried. I have not had a prd since oct.20th. I spotted nov.20th(light pink) & still no prd....More
Posted by sandyandbruno
My husband & hormones don't mix
Hello, I hope I posted this in the right spot! I am a usually happy married woman, on my 3 rd pregnancy....More
Posted by StaceyH123
Dead Arms, legs, and head. Heart pounding, is this...
I'm 18 weeks pregnant, very healthy, blood pressure 120/62, petite frame and athletic. I've been...More
Posted by sweetheikes
I am a swimmer. I swim 4-5 times a week. I didnt even know i was pregnant till last week when i found out i...More
Posted by Apeebles
wat should i do
ectopic pregnancy took methotrxate 3 weeks ago still bleeding?been bleeding for 11 weeks
Posted by An_241822
Hi ladies, I'm new to the group and soon to be a first mom as well. I'm in my second trimester actually I'm...More
Posted by Mom2be12
Medications while pregnant
I am exactly 40 weeks pregnant and today is my due date, I am a lil worried cause I have not felt my son...More
Posted by mamawolf1785
what could this be?
my periods are always irregular. i never really know when im going to start. I spot for like5-10 days and...More
Posted by Anon_179320
pregnant and hurting
i already have a 2 and a half old daughter <i was high risk with her> and ive had a miscarriage b4...More
Posted by lexysmommy09

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should i go to the hospital? could it hurt the baby? do any of ya'll have any idea what's wrong with me?
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sickness question
I am in beginning of my pregnancy and I've been pretty sick for the pass 2 days. Not being able to sleep well at...More
Posted by crtapt
Can I get pregnant after I just loss my son six weeks ago?
Posted by SimonaSwaby
over-the-counter allergy meds
I have had consistant allergies, no matter the season, going on for the past 3-4 years. I have to take a...More
Posted by jaycee79
autism concern
I am 4 weeks pregnant and very concerned about autism, thousgh there is none in my family. What precautions...More
Posted by An_241543
Could I be pregnant or Im I having what they call ...
August 15 was the last time I had intercourse with my fiance. Then Aug 22 my period came and as far as I...More
Posted by Danigirl24
whos likely the father of my baby
please i need advice no judging comments plz!! so i have a boyfriend and we have ups and downs we had a...More
Posted by lovelygirly47
Hovering pregnancy
Hi, my daughter believes herself to be pregnant, but she is experiencing a weird issue. Has anyone ever heard of...More
Posted by legser
Pregnancy and Turner's Syndrome
Hi, my husband and I are trying to get pregnant but I have Turner's syndrome and I have some questions about...More
Posted by An_241188
hi im a 23 yr old female tryin to get pregnant but i have irregular periods and sometimes go months...More
Posted by mrswilliams1011
Metal mitral valve, coumidin and pregnancy? Lates...
My 22 y/o dtr is facing mitral valve replacement in December. She had her valve repaired when she was 14 y/o....More
Posted by lgs0711
how do i know what day i got preg. on
Posted by Keya66
scared and dont know if it is normal
I just found out that I am pregnant and i just a few minutes ago ended up having a watery bloody discharge...More
Posted by An_240485
chewing gum
just wondering if it is ok to chew sugar free gum while pregnant
Posted by momofacet1
post delivery
After my daughter gave birth to her baby six weeks ago, going on seven now, she has continued to bleed..and...More
Posted by goinwest
possible blood results
On Monday, I had a blood test conducted and the results came back positive. Then, yesterday morning, I had...More
Posted by 2nanasmommy
Very concern
I just ate sushi bought at a store and I just read an article on how is bad to eat while pregnant. I'm 9...More
Posted by An_239745
I'm 32 weeks pregnant and I have a pain in my private area that feel's like i constantly gotta go to the...More
Posted by An_239662
Don't know
What can I take while pregnant for pain?
Posted by An_239401
Is this normal?
What color is colostrum supposed to be......? I am 27 weeks pregnant and today I noticed the stuff from my...More
Posted by An_239400
What is going on?
I'm 23 years old and I've been taking birth control since I was 17. My husband and I were without jobs...More
Posted by littleandolini88
Who is the father?
I have a friend who recently found out that she is expecting her first child. Being a new mom, she thought that...More
Posted by kfelton

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Hi!! I am35 yrs old.... a single parent of three...9 girl, 14 boy and almost 17 boy!! Ok here goes......I had unprotected sex on Saturday the 8th of M...More

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