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Low hormone levels
Hi I just found out last week that I am pregnant. I took 4 hpt and they all came back positive. Last night I...More
Posted by Linamy
Im 21wks and have had 2 other children years apart; so its truly different; how would one know if there...More
Posted by An_217247
I would like to know has anyone have a baby with fibroid and did it cause any harm to the fetus i just...More
Posted by raidergirl71
Frequent BH contractions with upper back pain, and...
I've been having BH contractions frequently since last night, but now as it's progressing in the day they're...More
Posted by sarah_3399
Concerns about a comment my prenatal doctor made.
At my last prenatal visit I was about 16weeks.I was getting the doppler put on me and the nurse...More
Posted by BlessedMommy2B
Mucus like vaginal discharge during first trimeste...
Has anyone experienced jelly or mucus like vaginal discharge during their first trimester?? I had a...More
Posted by Mother2be0510
losing wieght way after pregnancy
i've done everything in the book. i just can't seem to lose much wieght. somebody told me if you get fixed,...More
Posted by An_217246
tubes tied, for 17 and half years
just want to know why I am feeling flutering in my stomach for the last few weeks.and why I have to use the...More
Posted by beaglegal
could i get pregnant
I started ovulating on april 16th. I had unprotected sex three times that night. He pulled out but put it...More
Posted by An_217244
dont know what to do
I have my tubes tied, can you get pregnant? what are the chances of getting pregnant?
Posted by An_217243
taking anxiety pills and trying to get pregnant
I was trying to find someone that may have had a baby while on anxiety pills. I started having anxiety after...More
Posted by baby6409
Need Help
My child is almost 5 months old. My cycle before pregnancy was 27-29 days. I believe my LMP was Feb 19, 2010....More
Posted by An_217242
please read i need help!
have weird pains right on the insude of my vagina, no leaking of water, but i also feel fressure with my...More
Posted by vanessa0989
whats taking so long
I turned 37 weeks last wednesday and the Dr. told me that i was 4 centimeters dialated and 70% effaced. This...More
Posted by An_217241
40 weeks and want to speed things up a bit! adivce...
went to the doctor today and found out i havent effaced much and i am 3 dilated! she said she wldnt let me...More
Posted by vanessa0989
Not sure what is going on? Hopefully some one can help. Im 31weeks and 4 days pregnant. Today i have...More
Posted by butterflygirl_530
8 weeks with twins
My daughter-in-law is 8 weeks with twins. Earlier today she started having severe vaginal pain. Is this...More
Posted by Nana21657
im so scared...
im 9 weeks and 3 days preg. yesterday had an ultrasound and the nurse told me tht there was no fetus...More
Posted by jas1128
i am 39 wk 3 days pregnant and i wanna ask my doct...
this friday i want to ask to be induced! this is my third baby and im so miserbale! im in so much pain...More
Posted by vanessa0989

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would it be a great idea to ask since to be induced since im goin thru so much?
General Concern
I am currently pregnant, I haven't seen a doctor yet and have entered into the general idea of the third...More
Posted by BadWolfArianna
Should I be worried......
I had a transvaginal ultrasound done yesterday and it showed I was 5w3d with a ges sac and yolk sac but no...More
Posted by CWhite82
Vitamins before getting pregnant
My Dh and I are going to start trying for our second Baby in June. I am just wondering what vitamins I shoud...More
Posted by BNWilson3
non itchy red blotches
I will be 13 weeks pregnant tomorrow (2/22). I have recently noticed some blotches under my breasts and...More
Posted by CramerPong
Over did it
I'm at 35 weeks and I over did the house cleaning this past weekend. My husband kept telling me to take a...More
Posted by Queenzola
Hello New to the site interesting questions
I am not pregnant yet, well it will be awhile but here is the story, my husband was married before and he...More
Posted by reversalmommy
tubes tied
if tubes are tied, then later can they be untied if another pregancy is wanted
Posted by An_217297
8 weeks pregnant and really worried about my thyro...
I just got some bloodwork back and my TSH was 4.19 and my Free T4 was .78. From research I have been doing I...More
Posted by juliefav
Possible pregnancy after taking emergency contrace...
is that still possible? i had unprotected sex with my boyfriend both 2/5 and 2/6, but took next choice...More
Posted by kbelly1989
Today i got in a fight with my husband and got really upset for a while. I'm 32 weeks pregnant and i was...More
Posted by pinkgirl2011

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Hi!! I am35 yrs old.... a single parent of three...9 girl, 14 boy and almost 17 boy!! Ok here goes......I had unprotected sex on Saturday the 8th of M...More

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