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Reply: new seats came today
that is so great that they fit.. to bad they are so heavy though, you will have to install...More
Posted by ttrishh
Reply: Tiphawee
Well said ladies and I completly agree. I have a bit of a different perspective than most...More
Posted by ttrishh
Reply: What the crap is happening?
I get it bad... bad enought that I am in physio and that will likely be the reason my DR...More
Posted by ttrishh
Reply: your opinon..
Sorry to say it but I completely agree with EVERYTHING these girls are saying... TIme to...More
Posted by ttrishh
Reply: Line down belly???
I had it dark with my DS but I am 28 weeks now and no sign of it this time. (I am light...More
Posted by ttrishh
Reply: emyjo83
that looks great, I am glad that you are finding a solution and not having to buy a new...More
Posted by ttrishh
Reply: scared
I saw your post yesterday but didn't have time to reply at the time. I can imagine why you...More
Posted by ttrishh
Reply: wondering what you would do
I know you said in your post that the comments are poted anon... but I would bet that the...More
Posted by ttrishh
Reply: TMI alert.... DTD
I am actually Jealous of you jle, I wish that I would be put on pelvic rest. I have no...More
Posted by ttrishh