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Reply: Gender Reveal at 16 weeks.
Hello, Congratulations on your LO! I had my US done at 17 weeks and it was...More
Reply: Feeling a bit stressed and Dr offers medication...
Thanks Erin! I'm feeling a bit better. Joel Osteen's sermons have been a great...More
Feeling a bit stressed and Dr offers medication...
Ok so, work has me very stressed and I've been losing sleep, crying, having bad...More
Reply: First Pregnancy
Congratulations! I know it's difficult, but it's important to not let worry...More
Reply: Junk Food
I'm 19 1/2 weeks also and in the beginning I could only drink water at room...More
Reply: I'M HAVING A....
My sister's baby is healthy and wonderful!...thank God! She just had a...More
Reply: I'M HAVING A....
I think it might be sister had GD and she only had 2 ultrasounds as...More
Healthy, beautiful, vibrant, blessed, happy, baby BOY!!!! I had my ultrasound...More
Reply: First trimester question for second trimester moms...
I, personally, didn't experience any spotting. I believe your doctor will ease...More
Reply: Im having a....
CONGRATS mendezwife!!!! I know you are soooo excited for many different reasons....More