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Ah my story... where to start, I have 2 children from a previous marriage (DS- Cain 11yrs old, DD- Harley 7 yrs old) Met my soul mate and fell in love. This is his first child (LO-EDD 11/30/12). DH is the last to carry on his name so we are hoping for a boy. Me and DH are both Correction Officers at the same institution, DH works 2nd shift (2pm-10pm) and I work 3rd (10pm-6am). Crazy schedules but it means the longest we need a baby sitter for is an hour and a half. Can't wait for Sydney Addalyn to arrive! So EXCITED!

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Reply: hope i am in the right community
I am having horrible pain mainly back and hips, the pubic bone hurts if I roll over in...More
Posted by iceechic
Reply: Movement :)
I know what you mean... my first ultra sound my LO would hold still for nothing, and...More
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Reply: 16 Weeks and 1 Day!!
I have been having very bad back, and hip pain with some mild neck pain, so at my last...More
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Reply: AHHH!!! Some people!!!
wow thats crazy! with your bf being dea is there anyone in his family that could translate...More
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Reply: sciatica! :(
I have been having very bad back, hip, and some neck pain for a lil over a month, my dr....More
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Reply: 26 weeks and 1 day pregnant
wow I have never heard of this, what is the band from? I feel for you, keep us posted
Posted by iceechic
Reply: Leaking !... Not cool so not cool !
oh how I remember that with my first, my second I was lucky and didnt start til...More
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Reply: Fun pregnancy poll
1. How far along are you? 17w4d 2. How many children do you have? 2-ds and dd ...More
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