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wow moving up already...
oh boy. moving up to third tri on friday. yikes. h&h pregnancies to you all!
Posted by Laur1981
Reply: IC and at risk for preterm labor any suggestions o...
I can't relate, and I am sorry you are going through this. I do know however that at home,...More
Posted by Laur1981
Reply: the urge to go all the time
when you go to the bathroom, try to lean forward when you are done, then lean back as far...More
Posted by Laur1981
Reply: Pregnancy clothes
I live in Buffalo and cant find squat to wear. where did you end up going?
Posted by Laur1981
Reply: my stupid family... (vent)
no... it isnt so much over the family thing. its over everything. lately, everything seems...More
Posted by Laur1981
my stupid family... (vent)
GRRR! sometimes I just want to SMACK people! So last week I had a HUGE fight with my...More
Posted by Laur1981
Reply: Getting a bit worried (APO PAL) poss trigs?
lol i know I am worrying for probably no reason. Coming up on 21 weeks and still nothing...More
Posted by Laur1981
Getting a bit worried (APO PAL) poss trigs?
Alright. I am 20w as of friday (so its 20w4d) and have not felt baby move. At all. This is...More
Posted by Laur1981
Reply: Monthly Dr Visits
hate the monthly schedule. especially because I have had so many pregnancies not work out...More
Posted by Laur1981
Reply: Progesterone Shots anyone?
did not have shots, I took suppositories the whole first tri. nothing bad to report.. More
Posted by Laur1981