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Almost there! Welcome to your third trimester and your community!

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Mysterious Due Date
This is my first pregnancy. According to my period app (ya it's sad I wouldn't have a clue without an app..)...More
Posted by An_264191
How do you deal with uncomfortable body changes?
Does anyone have any tips, tricks, or awesome advice (or any advice at all ) on how to deal with the...More
Posted by atti_editor
Help !
I am going to be 34 weeks on the 3rd of this month. I have been getting serious hot...More
vomiting, loose stool, and just
So im 35 weeks along....and about 24 hours ago I started having diarrhea, and have been vomiting for the...More
Posted by An_263042
vomiting, loose stool, and just
So im 35 weeks along....and about 24 hours ago I started having diarrhea, and have been vomiting for the...More
Posted by An_263042
sales this week
CVS has huggies diapes and wipes on sale. If you spend $30 they will give you $10 CVS bucks. Buy that...More
Posted by dueanyday
Days left? Let the count down begin
I have 10 days til full term and 31 days till due date.
Posted by An_262388
May and June 2015 due date moms
I am due on May 31, 2015.
Posted by An_262388
I am 33 weeks pregant with my 3rd child(another girl). Anyone active in this community?
Posted by An_262388
Ingested chemicals accidentally
We have a new refrigerator and the water filter is Evidentially not working properly , I've been...More
Posted by portlandmom2015
Hemorrhoids (yuck I know)
I'm in the third tri, 35 weeks tomorrow and within These last few days have developed significant ...More
Posted by An_262203
8 Months pregnant, extreme fear of needles
I have an extreme fear of needles. I'm 22 and I've never gotten a flu shot and I've had several fillings...More
Posted by lachellerr
Screaming and yelling third trimester
I've had a couple bouts of increased stress during my pregnancy and a few times some terrible...More
Posted by portlandmom2015
Hi, I'm currently 31 weeks pregnant now. Last month I got a bad cold and I couldn't sleep well at...More
Posted by An_261902
Numbness and tingly in my legs after intercourse
After having intercourse my legs and butt go tingly and then numb. I thought maybe it was just my baby and...More
Posted by An_261534
How does Sustane VT 200mg tablets and Pregsave Inj...
Hi am now 27th week pregnant. my doctor suggested to take Sustane Vt 200mg Tablets abd Pregsave Injections...More
Posted by An_261419
Had c section for first baby, must C section again...
8 years ago, i had c section for my first baby as she was breached. Now my second baby is coming and i am 37...More
Posted by An_261287
My cervix can be seen right at the opening of my v...
I am 38 weeks 2 days and my cervix is very low and can be seen at the opening of my vagina. All of the...More
Posted by shelvme4e
39 weeks and a day with #4 in a row.....
have been in early labor for over a week. the hospital keeps sending me home because I am showing no...More
Posted by concernedmommyx3
I was prescribed Vistaril during my 3rd trimester of my pregnacy of my daughter. I was having extremely bad...More
Posted by teddy1781
diagnostic ultrasound
Hey Mommies! [br>[br>My name is Eden. I am a Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer. I am hoping to...More
Posted by eden51671
36 weeks pregnant
My sister is 36 weeks pregnant, this is her first baby. I know everyone's pregnancy is different, but this...More
Posted by camellia1981
mucus plug
So i believe my sister in law lost her mucus plug yesterday. But, there was no bloody show. I am just curious...More
Posted by An_241166
This is not for me.... my sil is prego almost 36 1/2 wks. She is having a scheduled c-section as she has had...More
Posted by An_241166
i am wondering if i will go into labor sooner?
From my first pregnancy i was enduced early due to having preclamsya. My first was born at 35 1/2 weeks but...More
Posted by An_258871
I just got a mild shock by helping my dad with som...
I am 3 weeks pregnant and I haven't went to the doctors yet at all but I was just wondering will it...More
Posted by victoriarenee12

Spotlight: Member Stories

Hi I am a 26 year old mother of two, stepmother of two, and have one due in may. My first baby was 5 weeks early, second was induced, and now I am que...More

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