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Joined: 02/05/2010
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i am married to the most wonderful man in the world. we got married valentines day feb.14, 2008. we have an incredible son together. hayden was born july 19,2008, & a baby girl on the way due April 21st, 2010. i am the happiest and luckiest wife & mother, and have amazing family & friends. i love my life & i am very blessed.

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Reply: Happy St Patrick's Day
im not any irish but hubby is. he will be celebrating with his family tonight at our...More
Posted by wilburlbh
Reply: Getting impatient!!!
im sooo ready too! i have 28 days left but im soooo ready now! im impatient &...More
Posted by wilburlbh
Reply: Anyone had membranes stripped?
had mine stripped with ds & it hurt while she was doing it but i felt fine...More
Posted by wilburlbh
Reply: embarassing question..
lol im sorry airjeremal i would hate to keep getting up every time i had a gas attack....More
Posted by wilburlbh
embarassing question..
soo, lately ( the past couple days ) i have been super gassy! its really embarassing...More
Posted by wilburlbh
Reply: 32 Weeks and gained only 10lbs
im 34 weeks & have only gained 14 pounds. but doc said shes not worried about it. im...More
Posted by wilburlbh
44 till due date 23 days till term!
Posted by wilburlbh
Reply: New terrible format
tried to join it says i need to be approved More
Posted by wilburlbh
Reply: baby shower questions!
great! thanks that helps alot! anyone else have any ideas? i could use them.
Posted by wilburlbh