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Reply: Welcoming marks...
I started getting stretch marks at 6 months. Nice bright purple ones! I use cocoa butter...More
Posted by cl1234
Labor Question
I went to the hospital last saturday afternoon b/c I thought I was in labor. They monitored...More
Posted by cl1234
Reply: Weird question...
That makes sense.
Posted by cl1234
Reply: 31 weeks pregnant and relocating 15 hours away
Do you have to relocate? OR can you just move now and then stay with your family and have...More
Posted by cl1234
Weird question...
Does anyone know why my urine would have a metallic scent to it? It started after my mucus...More
Posted by cl1234
Reply: Advice on help
One piece of advice that was given to me is to call someone close by when you need help!! It...More
Posted by cl1234
Reply: Question about mucous plug- TMI
Mine came out sunday night(bloody mucus), it's now thursday and no real labor yet. Tuesday I...More
Posted by cl1234
Reply: Too Much Weight Gain :(
The Doc sounds like she just being nit picky and certainly not taking what you say...More
Posted by cl1234
Reply: Diarrhea
I was told to take kaopectate and drink plenty of fluids. There is no infection or signs of...More
Posted by cl1234
Reply: Vent./Pity Party - Please join in!!
The best thing to do for leg cramps is eat a banana and drink water. As soon as I increased...More
Posted by cl1234