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April 2010 Due Dates ?
Who is due in April? What day? Is anyone going to set up an April 2010 Babies...More

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Will the April moms have more boys or girls?
  • Boys! I am blue team!
  • Girls! I am pink team!
  • Even Split! I vote purple/plaid/green/yellow team!
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March 2010 Due Dates?
How many of you still here on the third trimester (and I know anxiously waiting...More

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Are you due in March?
  • Yes-and past my EDD
  • Yes-but at the end of the month
  • I wish!
  • No...and I need more time.
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Reply: Appt. Update
Sounds like a great appointment!
Reply: I need help....babyshower help
I would have a sudden attack of extreme superstition and tell them all that you...More
Reply: Silly Question...first timer..
No, you don't always drop before you go into labor and really-I never could tell...More
Reply: I dont like these new boards
Welcome back! I am sorry you aren't comfortable with the new community set up...More
Reply: advice! help!!
Have you tried getting on all fours and letting your belly hang a bit? That...More
Reply: Update on Keoni
My thoughts are with you and your family, and especially the wee one.
Reply: Should I Induce?
I hated induction with my youngest. My others were "late" according to dates and...More
Reply: Happy St Patrick's Day
LOL those creative perfect moms scare me sometimes-at the same time I admire...More