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Reply: Soft Cervix
I have heard as long as their is no blood in the clumps of mucus your body and...More
Reply: Have to be close....
I feel your pain I have been the same way for the last few days but i am 39 weeks...More
Reply: Monday Updates (8-6)
Megan and Team Yellow 39 weeks 3 days W/g: 28 lbs ( I gained 8 lbs in a week...More
Reply: "The List!!!!! As of 08/06/2012"
Megan edd is still August 12th Team Yellow We are keeping the names a secret but...More
Reply: Days left?
blah I am still preggo nothing worked lol I guess my little one must be really...More
Reply: Monday Updates 7/30
Megan Team Yellow 38 weeks 1 day W/g: 21lbs S/c: Lots of BH and now they are...More
Reply: Mucus plug?
mine looked like snot lol the only way I can describe it better is ( and sorry if...More
Reply: Is the nursrey ready? Share your room themes
I have 15 days left until my edd and right now we will be sharing a room with the...More
Reply: Babymoon Getaway anyone?
well I am still here I really hope to go in the next couple of days because my...More
Reply: finally made it but i have been itching like crazy
for the last 2 weeks I have been just crazy itchy all over..okay mainly my...More