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7/2 weekly update
Megan Team Yellow 34 weeks 1 day w/g: 18lbs s/c : been having a lot of BH...More
Pelvic pain? (tmi )
Okay so for the last week or so it's become more noticeable and painful for me to...More
Reply: 6/25 Monday Update
Megan Team Yellow 33 weeks 3 days w/g: well last week I was at 11lbs but then...More
Reply: 6/18/12 Update
Welcome to the 3rd tri board Heathir!!! Megan team Yellow 32 weeks 1 day W/G :...More
Reply: Monday 6/11/2012 Updates
Megan and Team Yellow 31 weeks and 1 day w/g: 11 lbs s/c: Been feeling really...More
Reply: Weekly Update 6-4-12
Megan and Team Yellow 30 weeks 1 day w/g : 10 lbs s/c nothing really new just...More
Reply: Weekly Update (5-28-12)
Megan and Team Yellow 29 w 2d w/g: 10lbs s/c: my right hip has been cramping...More
Reply: PUPPP rash ! Help needed!!
I tried to look for the ingredient list as well but couldn't find it More
Reply: PUPPP rash ! Help needed!!
Here is a link to a natural site that makes PUPPP relief soap, I am not sure if...More
Reply: stretch marks
This is my first and we are waiting to find out what it is. Thinking about it if...More