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Reply: Prostate Surgery
How is your husband doing now? I hope that the drain output decreased as well as his pain.
Posted by atti_editor
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Reply: biopsy
Thanks Dr. Moul, very good and useful info.
Posted by vicimike
Reply: Headaches and Viagra
You might also ask your pharmacist about this. And ask him if the other meds might be be better for you.
Posted by billh99
Headaches and Viagra
I am a little past a year since my radical. Viagra is been helpful in having firm enough erection for sex. ...More
Posted by An_246614
prostate surgery & penis size
I had prostate removal surgery around seven years ago and haven't been able to have sex since. My penis was...More
Posted by elovett52
Reply: What are the best 2014 prostate books and the best...
Which urological research foundation?
Posted by theszak
Reply: Erection after PC surgery
Give yourself some time. I had surgery fifteen months ago and just in the last month had a firm enough...More
Posted by An_246614
Reply: post prostrate surgery
I had significant testicular pain after my prostectomy. My urologist said it was not unusual but rare. I...More
Posted by An_246614
Metastasized cancer and hormone therapy
My 83 yo Dad has Prostate Cancer which has metastasized into his lymph node and bones. As of right now the...More
Posted by An_258193
Reply: Leg pain after surgery
To decrease risk of infection from the indwelling urethral catheter and later scarring, it is important to...More
Posted by sam1985
Reply: Continuing to Work While Receiving RT
Hi Yank, I am in total agreement with john as to what he says and for that tired feeling towards the regimen...More
Posted by sam1985
Reply: PSA levels
I stand corrected, Sir. Thank you.
Posted by yank31
Reply: Biopsy
Thank you rjorgeron your answer was just what I was looking for
Posted by xpress47
Reply: Current conversations
had a treatment called Irreversible Electroporation of the Prostate, also known as Nano Knife. In this...More
Posted by rjorgeron
Reply: Prostate Ultrasound Prep?
Call your doctors office and ask them.
Posted by billh99
Reply: What are the variety of things these PSA numbers m...
My PSA and Free PSA reading have been very consistent until this last blood test. Both numbers went in the...More
Posted by nnascati
Reply: Prostate Removed (5Years ago) PSA recently .66
Your PSA is still in the normal range, but it would be best to get a follow up with an urologist....More
Posted by floridamenshealth1
Reply: Gay Male 45 years old with PSA reading of 4
Just having a digital rectal exam can increase it. As can regular sex, bike riding, etc.
Posted by billh99
Openly queer/gay urologists or related specialists...
Around the Boston Massachusetts, Cambridge, Somerville, Brookline area what openly queer/gay urologists or...More
Posted by An_257099
Reply: PSA Levels
I really don't know. For lack of better information I would guess the same as Asians.More
Posted by billh99
Reply: Urine leakage after prostate removal
Took me 6 1/2 months before leakage has all but stopped. But I did Kegels 3-4 times a day. Surgery...More
Posted by olderbutnotbetter
Reply: Be aware
However, a five year study just published shows that there was a big difference in incontinence and impotence...More
Posted by bogie11
Post prostate surgery
I don't know how to say this but I know after PC surgery my husband was experiencing urinating when he...More
Posted by Anon_146515
Vacuum pump yes or no?
A close friend has prostate removed and got using a vacuum pump after a month and continues to use three years...More
Posted by bz9010
Reply: Multiple biopsies, no cancer found
Check out, they have an answer for this problem of multiple negative biopsies.
Posted by juanrico
Peenuts and Dr. Wheeler
As a 67 year old who has been using Peenuts for 12 years, my PSA continues to fluctuate between 0.5 and 0.8. I...More
Posted by juanrico
Reply: Prostate Is a PC support group. The website has tons of information. And they also have local...More
Posted by billh99
Reply: Cat scan
It is a relatively high level, but not dangerous unless you have a large number of them. Newer units use lower...More
Posted by billh99
Reply: Accuracy
Typically PC is, at least in the start, is in small spots or thin threads. Thus the small samples from the...More
Posted by billh99
Reply: Prostate Biopsy
Am I missing some details? Have you been diagnosed with PC sometime in the past with a biopsy? And what was...More
Posted by billh99

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