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How long and how hard should kids exercise?
I got a question today from someone who is leading a program here in North Dakota to promote healthy...More
Posted by Chris Tiongson, MD
Includes Expert Content
Exercise during the winter
What are the best ways to keep my preschooler active through the winter? She does go to preschool 2 days a...More
Posted by nursingbug
Includes Expert Content
Back to school? Were you & the kids healthy over t...
My daughters started back to school this week and I was reviewing how the holidays went for the...More
Posted by Haylen_WebMD_Staff
Includes Expert Content
Child's unhealthy body image
How do I handle my 7 year old son that not only thinks he is fat (only 44 lbs) but also thinks that he is ugly....More
Posted by RKWMOM
Includes Expert Content
Purple spots on 11 year old thighs
Hello, three days ago my little sister came home with purple and reddish little dots all over her thighs,...More
Posted by meekschan
Fall Kids Activity Challenge - Week 4
The topic is cooking with kids! How do you have fun with your kids in the kitchen and help them...More
Posted by Haylen_WebMD_Staff
Fall Kids Activity Challenge - Week 2!
The Fall Kids Activity Challenge is heating up! " Activities for the Whole Family " is the...More
Posted by Haylen_WebMD_Staff
NEW -- Join the Fall Kids Activity Challenge!
Hi members! WebMD is testing a new type of community -- WebMD Challenges -- and we'd love for you...More
Posted by Haylen_WebMD_Staff
Includes Expert Content
BMI 3 year old
I brought my 3 year old son to his well visit today. He was 38 lbs (90th percentile) and 28 3/4 inches tall....More
Posted by RandOmom
Can your kids spot an unhealthy lunch?
Expert Hansa Bhargava, MD, FAAP, has posted in the " Your Children's Health " blog about her son's...More
Posted by Haylen_WebMD_Staff
Includes Expert Content
Talking to Your Kids About Their Weight
According to a new survey from WebMD and Sanford Health, parents and kids have a hard time talking...More
Posted by Haylen_WebMD_Staff
Includes Expert Content
Back to school! What do you pack for lunch?
Sigh. My daughter brought home an almost full lunchbox yesterday. Didn't eat her strawberries or her...More
Posted by Haylen_WebMD_Staff
Includes Expert Content
Are carbmaster yogurts okay to give to kids?
Okay, so I was trying to find a good healthy yogurt for the kids to take to school as a snack. I was...More
Posted by meekschan
School activities! How are your kids staying activ...
WOW - my daughter starts 1st grade next week! We are so active in the summer with swimming and...More
Posted by Haylen_WebMD_Staff
Blood streak in phlegm
my daughter is 15 and about a week ago she started getting nauseous everyday, she has had pains in her lower...More
Posted by Anon_70355
Do you or the kids "brown bag" it?
Heads up re: keeping food safe! Did you know that perishable foods in these lunches are often...More
Posted by Haylen_WebMD_Staff
Includes Expert Content
Staying healthy when eating out with the kids!
How do you do restaurants with your children? Is it a "special" event, order whatever you want? Or...More
Posted by Haylen_WebMD_Staff
Includes Expert Content
update- my daughters bmi
My daughter has grown 2 inches, and her weight has stayed the same, so now her bmi has improved- she was...More
Posted by nursingbug
Unhealthy eating starts early - did yours?
If you've had to work on your own healthy eating, were you an unhealthy eater as a kid? Binge...More
Posted by Haylen_WebMD_Staff
Healthy Summer Activities!
How do you keep your kids active in the summer? Do they play sports? Swimming? Spend time outside? ...More
Posted by Haylen_WebMD_Staff
Includes Expert Content
Structured vs Unstructured play
Ok, here is a question to shake things up. A couple of months ago I considered sending my 3 yr old dd to a...More
Posted by nursingbug

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My 3 year old had his tonsils removed over a week ago. There have been no complications that i know of. He is...More
Posted by An_216341
chorella growth factor
anyone know about chorella growth factor , supplements given to children to haste growth? Is this safe for...More
Posted by An_216340
Can you kickstart a change in your preschooler?
My 5 year old son wanted ice-cream on the weekend. He had already had a cookie after lunch. So...More
healthy habits for a lifetime
Congrats on being a great role model! It sounds like you are doing some good things with...More
Great self esteem = Great self body image
Promoting good self esteem in kids should result in a good self body image. Complimenting and...More
Thank You Bethany!
Your answers on a variety of topics - from video games to strength and balance to conquering...More
Posted by Haylen_WebMD_Staff

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