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Reply: emotional affaris
My boyfriend is having an emotional relationship with an older married women from work - although he...More
Posted by timzticking
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Reply: Worried About His 'Work Wife'?
There are many ways to cheat a relationship. Sex is not the only way. Just make sure you stay honest with...More
Posted by timzticking
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Reply: My family influence in my long distance relationsh...
I would say it would be very hard to continue a long-distrance relationship. Either he needs to come there...More
Posted by timzticking
Reply: Checking in
Hi Deb! It's called "The Dice of Fate" by Rohvannyn Shaw and I think there's a link in my profile too. It's...More
Posted by rohvannyn
Reply: Just dropping a note
Thanks Dennis sorry that took so long to answer back , it was a busy week I thought that we were going to be...More
Posted by chips15
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Reply: To stay or to go?
Yes, exactly what Dr. Leslie is saying!!! Are you 100% sure you have done all you can to keep this...More
Posted by dfromspencer
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Reply: To Marry or Just Live Together
Absolutely correct!!!
Posted by dfromspencer
Another sad day in our history
I just wanted to put in words how sorry I feel for those who lost their life, and for the ones who have to...More
Posted by dfromspencer
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Reply: Which kind of infidelity feels worse?
Emotional love is much more than just a roll in the hay. Sex can absolutely mean nothing to some people. I...More
Posted by Anon_238319
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Reply: Married Coworker trying to get companionship from ...
The majority know perfectly well, that if it had been me doing this for the past year, he would have not...More
Posted by timzticking
Reply: Faced with a low sex drive?
Diagnosing low sexual desire can be a tricky matter. People have very different libidos, and...More
Reply: Untitled
I hope Dennis's response helped. Many people struggle emotionally at night. It's often...More
Reply: losing my parnets
I am also sorry for your loss. Grief is emotionally painful, but it is something that is...More
Reply: Friend Problem
LOL!!! Thanks FCL, I was slipping a little. Thanks for stopping my slide into "Old Fart Syndrome"! Thanks...More
Posted by dfromspencer
Just dropping a note
To say hi, you were all in my thoughts. I have been checking in not to much that needs to be said
Posted by chips15
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Reply: Thanks for the blogs, Dr. Leslie!!!
You are, and have been, and I hope you will for many years to come!!!
Posted by dfromspencer

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Reply: Can Men and Women Be Just Friends?
My boyfriend is "only" friends with another women. But I feel it takes away from what I am trying to...More
Posted by timzticking
Reply: Dr. Leslie has come home, we sure have missed you!...
Thanks Dennis. Your sentiments are much appreciated.
Reply: Why do we hold on to sickness and bad patterns?
Give it a try. If you have questions as you work on this, feel free to ask about it.
Reply: Writing the final. Chaptwr neex to say this and ...
Yes. I did removed. Him from everything inclcluding the game .I like that game I just don't take any thing from...More
Posted by chips15
Dr phelps. Just wanted to tell. You
I showed my. Therapist. Your self bullying video a while and read some the other materials that you wrote and...More
Posted by chips15
Reply: Dr. Leslie will be home next week. Yea!!!!!!
Thank you all very much. These posts certainly make me feel appreciated. I'm glad to be back!
Reply: Self-compassion
It's wonderful that you've discovered this! I often suggest people use just this imagery to...More
Reply: I know its early but welcome back
Debbie: I assume this message was meant for me. Thank you for it. It's meaningful to me that...More
Reply: watching the movie, The Other Woman, with Cameron ...
Dennis did a good job explaining how continually replaying the past will not change it and...More
watching the movie, The Other Woman, with Cameron ...
I'm totally behaving like the wife in this movie. I can't get it out of my head! Every minute of the day I'm...More
Posted by inseyetful
I know its early but welcome back
I hope you got. Much needed rest and to tell you it s good to have you back .your missed by everyone
Posted by chips15
Reply: Final chapter may have not beed over
Hi Deb, Well, that is good/bad news then, eh? Bad, and sad that he lost two buddies, and good that he...More
Posted by dfromspencer
Reply: How sharing childcare duties can help your sex lif...
This makes me wonder why people get paid to produce studies that are simply basic common sense ...
There's nothing inherently dirty about sex, but if you try real hard and use your imagination you can overcome that.
Posted by fcl

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Dr. Becker-Phelps is a well-respected psychologist, who is dedicated to helping people understand themselves and what they need to do to become emotio...More

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Same thing here
My boyfriend use to hold me as we slept, now it is i have to hold him or he wants to hold hands. The intamcy is not like it use to be and ... More
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