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Art of Relationships:
Are You "Settling" or Being Sensible?
5 Ways to Create a Lasting Relationship

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Not Over Your Ex? What it Might Mean?
Some people remain so enamored of their ex that they aren't able to move on. No one ever...More
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Broken heart at work
I have recently ended a 3 year relationship with someone I work with. It was a relationship that was known...More
Posted by An_262991

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What do I do to control these emotions of losing her and feeling unworthy of someone wanting to put effort into repairing the magic we once had?
  • Should I start looking for employment elssewhere?
  • Seek outside help ( I tried it before and it didnt help much)?
  • Power through the emotions and as they say deal with it?
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Second Option
Hello Fellas, Please help me regarding my problem, I have a boyfriend right now we are at 6 months already,...More
Posted by An_262957

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I want to know if need to stay with him or leave him?
  • I want to know if need to stay with him or leave him?
  • Do I need to stay with this relationship?
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Do You Feel Lonely in Your Relationship?
When you feel emotionally on your own, the fact that you have a partner is not much...More
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Mother in law boundries
I have lived with my mother in law for nine years i respect her and would never encourage my husband to...More
Posted by An_262917
To Dennis
I hope nobody minds if I send this brief note - your book is on it's way, I mailed it out this morning. I...More
Posted by rohvannyn
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Would like some expert advice please
Hi - just wondering about something. When Mother's day comes around just wondering if a mother is not...More
Posted by Anon_11642
what to do?
HI!i would just like to share my relationship problem here and look for some nice advice.Me and my partner is...More
Posted by An_262847
Are you settling or being sensible?
When faced with the possibility of a long-term commitment, people often wonder whether they...More
Problems seeing posts
Am I the only one who is having trouble seeing the last post in some threads? I can see all of the posts except the...More
There's nothing inherently dirty about sex, but if you try real hard and use your imagination you can overcome that.
Posted by fcl
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Feeling discouraged
I am not sexually aroused. I could do without it for the most part. I do still experience orgasm every time...More
Posted by help1017
norvaz have effect ?
wanna ask something about norvas ?? More
Posted by An_262770
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falling out of love
My boyfriend and I broke up two months ago. He initiated that serious conversation that ended up our...More
Posted by An_262765
Nurturing New – and Not So New – Relationships
Happy, close relationships don't just maintain themselves. The partners in them have to take...More
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Hi Debbie,
I just wanted to take the time to ask all of you here, if anyone of you have heard from our Debbie lately?...More
Posted by dfromspencer
Hello, its me again.
Hi all, I hope all of you had a much better weekend than I did!? Once again I have been lied to, and have...More
Posted by dfromspencer
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just dont understand
i have been married for 6 months and i am almost 60 yrs old, about a month after we married, the sex...More
Posted by tootsie55
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Lack of early training on being a spouse
I think many of my problems with being a spouse can trace back to childhood. I am with someone who is tactile...More
Posted by rohvannyn
Signs of a serial dater
Signs of a serial dater Many people who really want to be in a committed relationship end...More
Includes Expert Content
Coming Back from the dead
I'm recovering from a bad case of bronchitis. I'm at that "feeling strong, but voice sounds terrible" stage....More
Posted by rohvannyn
Reinvigorate Your Relationship
When relationships are stagnating, it's often because the partners in it are stagnating, too....More
Includes Expert Content
depression vsfrustration
the other day I was talking to my therapist,we were talking about my emotions and how I should not let pushing...More
Posted by chips15
Can men and women just be friends?
Relationships are often complicated in many ways. And when sexual feelings are part of a...More
Good weekend, bad forums (possible trigger)
I managed to get through a four day weekend with no real serious fights, and the few times we did start to...More
Posted by rohvannyn
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Hi again, GS KERN
I didn't want to type over your response to Tac30, so I opened up another blog spot. It's good to see you...More
Posted by dfromspencer

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How long IS long enough, or how many chances do we give?
  • zero
  • One day
  • One month
  • One year
  • Until they come around/as many as it takes?
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hi everyone sorry about this
It's me Debbie, I had got an new phone and it would not let me put my current email in, so I needed to change...More
Posted by chips15
Save Your Relationship by Looking Into the Future
There is a goal-setting tool called "pre-hindsight." It uses your emotional awareness to...More
Includes Expert Content
Hi My Dear Friends
I just got here from the hospital this evening. I had a small stroke yesterday morning, what's called a TIA....More
Posted by bigred53

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Dr. Becker-Phelps is a well-respected psychologist, who is dedicated to helping people understand themselves and what they need to do to become emotio...More

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Relationships and Coping Community recommended resourcesExpert
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