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Okay, how _do_ I grow up?
It's been made very clear to me that in many ways I am still a child. I didn't have the best role models when...More

'Your focus determines your reality.' --QGJ
Posted by rohvannyn
Improve Your Relationship with Mindfulness
Mindfulness — focusing without judgment on the current moment — is a hot topic...More
I'm Losing Interest in my Husband
my husband and i have been married for almost two years now and things were perfect, we've know each other for...More
Posted by bellab67
Happy MLK Jr.'s Day!!! And a good morning to all my friends here at Web.M.D.!!! Have a great day! ...More
Posted by dfromspencer
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Past being brought up in arguements
Ok, this is my first post...I do apologize if i "over explain" myself, but I do know how to explain my...More
Posted by An_255143
Includes Expert Content
lost love but not completly
I am feeling lost because my wife says she loves me but not the same way she used too she says she does not...More
Posted by An_255140
Includes Expert Content
Low sex drive
I have trouble having sex as I have very little desire. My husband had ED & blames me because I have low...More
Posted by An_255136
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Mens varying degrees of respect for women:
Quite by chance, and a while back, I discovered something I did, but never consciously knew I was doing?...More
Posted by dfromspencer
Help from a professional please or anyone.
Hi - just have a simple thing to ask. At Xmas we usually go to my daughter's house for a day or two....More
Posted by Anon_11642
What to do with a LAZY HUSBAND!!!??????
Hi all I need help with my lazy Husband. We have been married for 3 years now known each other for 7 but were...More
Posted by An_255110
WHEN is it My Turn to Breathe?
Continued from "Will My Marriage Survive?" and "Did He Sleep with Her?"....Guess what everyone??? My husband...More
Posted by Anon_907
Includes Expert Content
Live-in boyfriend's ex-girlfriend continues to con...
I met my boyfriend, Rob 7 months ago through online dating. We happened to live two miles away from each...More
Posted by An_255111
When You Fight: What Your Partner Really Wants fro...
When You Fight: What Your Partner Wants from You Couples fight because of two underlying...More
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Hello, Dem!!!
I am not seeing you??? Where are you??? Hello, hello, is there anyone in here??? I'm trapped in this box,...More
Posted by dfromspencer
Did He Sleep with Her?...continued from "Will My M...
Please read "Will My Marriage Survive" for more details. Please help me discern this text from my husband to...More
Posted by Anon_907

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Will My Marriage Survive?
My husband and I have been married for 8 years and known each other for 11. During my second pregnancy he...More
Posted by Anon_907

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spent 6 years with a man who was incredible as a person, didnt just have sex we, " made love". He drank...More
Posted by farmgirl224
Bridging A Common Communication Gap
While some people connect through conversation, others prefer actively sharing experiences,...More
Includes Expert Content
Suffering great loss!!!
As we all know by now, the moderators of these sites, the sites we love so well, have all been terminated....More
Posted by dfromspencer

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i justhad ro say
you guys are si great, i admire the respect
Posted by dem02
Drawing my ideas
I was thinking about Sluggo's idea to use manga to express myself and reframe my experiences. It's an...More

'Your focus determines your reality.' --QGJ
Posted by rohvannyn
Includes Expert Content
Terrible start to 2014
(I normally post on Couples Coping, but there seems to be more traffic here...) We rang in the new year with...More
Posted by queston
Showing Others You Care
Nothing feels so good as when you do something that helps others feel good. While people tend...More
Includes Expert Content
Dr. Becker-Phelps
Dr. Becker-Phelps, I'd just like to say how much I appreciate your pleasant, helpful, caring and often deeply...More
There's nothing inherently dirty about sex, but if you try real hard and use your imagination you can overcome that.
Posted by fcl
Includes Expert Content
I am engaged to a man who I have been with for 14 years. In our first year together we had a lot of...More
Posted by An_254773
Includes Expert Content
Expert or ladies' input desired on"the approach"
K,I am just a dumb man who is married to his high school sweetie for near 25 yrs. I love my hot wife...More
Posted by An_254772
Manga Art, and Roh
Hi Roh Well, I did what I said I would, and that is looking up what your ART is! This Manga style of art...More
Posted by dfromspencer
Making Your Holiday Happy
Holiday traditions often give people a way of grabbing onto that happy holiday feeling. What...More

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Dr. Becker-Phelps is a well-respected psychologist, who is dedicated to helping people understand themselves and what they need to do to become emotio...More

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Same thing here
My boyfriend use to hold me as we slept, now it is i have to hold him or he wants to hold hands. The intamcy is not like it use to be and ... More
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