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Hi, all

My name is Dennis, i am 53 now, will turn 54 on Dec. 27th. I am single, and looking for the "one". Divorced, have two adult children, five grandchildren. I am classified as disabled. I don't let that stop me from doing most things in my life. I served in the Army for seven years. It was during that time, i had an accident in a jeep. Come to find out, years later, that i had an herniated disk in my neck. At the time, and after my service, i was afraid to tell anyone, for fear of reprisal. I did not want to lose, or be denied employment. So, foolishly, i waited too long, and my nerves were damaged. Now i suffer in an agony of pain. Recently, after an MRI., i was given a diagnosis of Degenerative Bone Disease, and three more herniated disks. I also have D.B.D. in my back. Life is a misery, but it is my life. I live my life to the fullest possible.

I came to this site to help others, and hopefully, help myself. I have lived alone for a very long time. As i mentioned, i lost my one best friend. I would have been all alone, except for this site. Now, i have met a new best friend, Vicki. Plus, and this is a big PLUS, i now have several new friends! Hiya Chrissy, and Caprice! And one important to me, Doctor. Hi, Dr. Becker-Phelps. Without their expertise, and insights, i would be lost, and all alone. I can't forget to mention some other friends here, Thank You to, Tml, and FCL, I am honored to know all of you! And to all, a huge THANK YOU!!!!

I cannot live my life without you, all of you here I proudly call FRIEND!

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