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just going to hang back
My emai is friedeggs
Posted by eastcoast13
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Dr. Becker-Phelps and her blogs.
Hi all, This morning, well, just a few minutes ago, I opened my e-mail account and there was another...More
Posted by dfromspencer
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What I've learned - a guys perspective.
Don't look for someone because you need to feel complete; that goes for both sexes. Make sure each of you is...More
Posted by mikeydell
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Just a little something I read today that I though...
Discretion "Recognizing and avoiding words, actions and attitudes that could bring undesirable consequences."...More
Posted by Lefty2121
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cant forget
i'v been in this relationship for 3 years now going on four, we have a long passed but i cant get over...More
Posted by An_249253
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criticism hurts
In all that you do, please be careful when you criticize. Inconsiderate criticism is the Number 1 reason why...More
Posted by Naz503
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Posted by onfused
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Communication is key
It might sound cliche, but so many couples I know fight because they don't actually say what they are...More
Posted by thehealthystyle
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dating a married man?
He will never be yours, even if he does leave his wife for you. Your actions say nothing good about you. You...More
Posted by star3421fm
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Rocky Relationships
I would have to advise anyone out there with a rocky relationship to watch the movie "Fireproof". It is...More
Posted by jenny5369us
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Son not speaking to Mother
Here is my story: I am a single mother of three adult children. The oldest and youngest are female and my...More
Posted by Anon_204698
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Same thing here
My boyfriend use to hold me as we slept, now it is i have to hold him or he wants to hold hands. The intamcy...More
Posted by 77Hopeless
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too soon to get involved????
I got involved too soon after my divorce. I refused to let myself grieve my ended marriage of 22 years. The...More
Posted by An_215877
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Relationships and Coping Community recommended res...
About a month ago, I asked the community here to suggest resources for finding a therapist....More
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So he likes dogs, and not you
Fine... My wife liked dogs, ... TV, Solitaire, movies, racy novels, better than me. One might infer...More
Posted by sterilecuckoo58
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How to search for a therapist
To find a therapist in your area, consider the following suggestions: Ask a trusted friend...More
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How to choose a therapist
Choosing a therapist is an important decision because entering therapy is a big investment;...More
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Dr. Becker-Phelps is a well-respected psychologist, who is dedicated to helping people understand themselves and what they need to do to become emotio...More

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