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Reply: Keyboard for RA Sufferer
I just bought Dragon word recognition software and a headset on Amazon. Between three trigger fingers and...More
Posted by guess98224
Reply: Starting Humira
Hi Janet, I don't have any experience with Humira, but you may find it helpful to read these reviews ...More
Posted by atti_editor
Anyone use any natural treatments with success?
I just started to try Turmeric Curcumin. I've heard many positive results for inflammation. Anyone have any...More
Posted by triciaub13
Reply: Another culprit??
I haven't been diagnosed with anything else other than Vasculitus in the past but I am in your shoes. I have...More
Posted by triciaub13
Wallet Use Discussion
I am an occupational therapy student and am working on a design project for one of my courses. For this...More
Posted by otstudent2015
Reply: Topical Pain Relief
I have a prescription for Voltaren Gel however I have not found it very effective.
RA gal,
Posted by mommy2isaac
Reply: Is this RA fatigue??
Coming back from vacation is the worst for me especially since I'm one of those people who don't like to rest...More
Posted by ramickey
Reply: Is it bad if methotrexate touches other meds?
I don't think it is a problem. I am not currently taking methotrexate but when I was I would use on of those...More
Posted by ramickey
Reply: So my foot swelled huge today
I was wondering if I was misdiagnosed with RA because I hadn't heard of anyone being swollen up like I was...More
Posted by carmenwright
What if I don't think I have RA but metAtrexate do...
My Orthopedist felt that the cartilage damage found during knee surgery was due to RA. On metAtrexate...More
Posted by carmenwright
Is there any electronic massager available for pai...
My mother has been fighting an acute case of RA for the past 24 years. He will power and a monitred dosage of...More
Posted by ashiqab
Reply: Newly Diagnosed and new to this forum
Hi, I am new to this site and am happy to have found it. I was recently diagnosed with RA at the end of...More
Posted by 1957kathy
Reply: Consuming the Mind
Thank u for ur conversation.. It was just what I needed to read this morning... Just wrote a reply.. It...More
Posted by gingerjennifer3
I have been on Metho for 18 months currently 25mg per week and have just started Arava. I am having all the...More
Posted by 1530graham
I have been on Metho for 18 months currently 25mg per week and have just started Arava. I am having all the...More
Posted by 1530graham
RA and disability at school
Hello, I am 22 and I was diagnosed with RA about three months ago. I went to school for photography but my RA...More
Posted by pegs1491
Reply: Methotrexate side effects
I think your response is terrible. If they are having good luck with diet changes w/o meds then it's AWESOME. Of...More
Posted by bigs5
Reply: methotrexate isn't working
Hi Elizabeth As a carer this is a real worry for you. From what you say it seems the condition is progressing....More
Posted by mike201
Reply: losing my hair
Hope u are feeling better these days. My hair is thinning also. I also get terrible canker sores in my...More
Posted by gotlivelife
RA and depressed
I was diagnosed with RA a few months ago and had started to see a doctor for it...but then things got bad...More
Posted by An_258116
Reply: Sauve Keratin Shampoo and question
Not sure but I don't believe either is better for alopecia.
Posted by ca_lynn
Reply: If meds are ruining your skin...
This would be an extreme and unusual reaction to Methotrexate. I hope people recently diagnosed don't get the...More
Posted by ca_lynn
Reply: RA Diagnosis Today??
A positive ANA could mean any one of a number of autoimmune diseases, so best to see a board certified...More
Posted by ca_lynn
Reply: Help in understanding RF test
You need to find a board certified rheumatologist immediately. The damage is irreversible so your husband needs...More
Posted by ca_lynn
Going gluten free
Hi! I just wanted to share my journey with y'all! I am only 24 and have had rheumatoid arthritis ...More
Posted by erikarandf1
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Reply: rhuematoid arthritis
Hi! I am only 24 and have had rheumatoid arthritis Since the age of 12. I was on methotrexate for years...More
Posted by erikarandf1
Methotrexate side effects
I have psoriatic arthritis and had been taking methotrexate tablets for about 6 years with no obvious side...More
Posted by trudy_b
Reply: No medication for RA?
Find another rheumatologist! A good doctor will listen sympathetically, not be dismissive of your symptoms,...More
Posted by marzipana
Reply: Methotrexate Side Effects
Hello I have had RA for 14 years since Nov. of 2013 I'm trying to get back to normalcy. My inflammation is a...More
Posted by cheilman5
Short Survey of At-Home Injection Experiences, You...
My name is Dan and I am a graduate student at San Jose State University, studying Human Factors and...More
Posted by iaa_research

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mouth sores
I recently read that when one takes methotrexate as many of us do with RA and Sjogrens Syndrome, it can make your levels of folic acid drop ... More
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