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Reply: RA damage in cervical spine
Well no real advice but I had a similar issue with T6 and T7. On Aug 29th they removed the disc and fused...More
Posted by mrpathfinder
Sero negative RA, Humira and latent tb
Anyone been taking Humira and test positive for tb? I have had two negative skin tests and two positive...More
Posted by dmgoct16
Reply: Biologics and Shingles
As far as I am aware the only time to take shingles vaccine is within 48 hours of the infection showing on...More
Posted by mrschippy
Reply: RA
I also have RA nodules in my lungs and spleen. All I can say is keep taking what ever biologics are offered....More
Posted by mrschippy
Reply: chat room
Hi, many names Alice and I am 13 and I have been diagnosed with RA and I am worried about the changes that...More
Posted by alice1235
Reply: This is how I cured my RA
Bravo WIP! I thoroughly agree. The human body is an intense mystery and has huge resources and...More
Posted by miraclesarereal
I've not been on here in a while .but was just wondering if anyone has been diagnosed with any kind of...More
Posted by tobadsosad
Reply: Whats wrong with my hands!?
Have you given thought to your tendons? I have the same problem. You described it perfectly.
Posted by bfisher53
Reply: Biologics
I had the same problem with opiates. they are notorious for causing constipation. Try Miralax. It's gentle...More
Posted by bfisher53
supplement for immune system
Natural, concentrated calve proteins taken as sublingual tablets, reach quasi instantly the immune system,...More
Posted by paats1
Reply: Newly diagnosed --anyone know their ccp antibody n...
I too am still on the same meds, just the Plaquenil, even with my scary numbers, lol. I'm doing great. I've...More
Posted by An_245367
not yet diagnosed with RA
I just had my blood work done a few days ago to either rule out or in RA. So far, I only know about the...More
Posted by An_259592
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Reply: Alternative Treatments for RA
If I were you, I would look into The Rain Soul products. They're 2 oz packets of seed juice from Black Cumin,...More
Posted by gundygirl
Reply: RA and your feet
If I were you, I would look into The Rain Soul products. They're 2 oz packets of seed juice from Black Cumin,...More
Posted by gundygirl
RAu meds
Recently diagnosed with RA, also have type 1 diabetes,Hashimotos and Lupus. Also gluten sensitivity and diary....More
Posted by rmilks
Reply: Pain in hands
Hi lilmopeep, Here is some information on RA symptoms that you might compare to your own experience....More
Posted by atti_editor
Anti-CCP antibody level question- confused
I am new to this forum- I am in the process of seeing docs to determine if I have RA from symptoms that started...More
Posted by joolz9
Reply: Recently Diagnosed - right doctor?
I'm sorry you are going through this. A rheumatoid diagnosis is tricky. It is not fun living with the disease....More
Posted by smporter
Reply: Bisters and RA
Hello, My name is Necie and I have had a similar problem with one of my toes on my right foot.More
Posted by healthactivist
Reply: R.A.
What meds are you taking?
Posted by laytreath
Reply: RA in the military
Do you have any updates to share? Your post was from'09, hoping things have worked out. I'm a mil to...More
Posted by lookingforinfora
Reply: Undiagnosed RA
I too have mental illness now combined with RA among a laundry sized list of other things. My dads entire side...More
Posted by justnutz
Reply: new at this. so many questions
Thank you mike 201, this is comforting advise. Helps me feel better to see a new side of it all. I will...More
Posted by theirishope
Reply: Going gluten free
Hi nellie246, I think that it is great that you want to help your friend in any way possible. WebMD's ...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: just diagnosed
Hi Debbie Your doctor should have answered your question. Typically they prescribe a range of anti inflammatory...More
Posted by mike201
Reply: RA and Diet soda?
Posted by buudd
Reply: New to Methotrexate and I am having MORE pain than...
Hi irisheyz52, I think that it would be best for you to speak with your doctor about this worsening pain...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: Methotrexate Side Effects
There are several things that may help mouth sores. If you take Folic acid you could ask for you dose to be...More
Posted by ladylee1115
Reply: RA and disability at school
Hi, I am sorry to hear that you have RA. I have degenerative arthritis, just found out last week and...More
Posted by artistjcbebe321
Anyone with Degenerative Arthritis??
Hello, I am wondering if any one with degenerative arthritis and what career do you have? Is this current...More
Posted by Anon_23422

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mouth sores
I recently read that when one takes methotrexate as many of us do with RA and Sjogrens Syndrome, it can make your levels of folic acid drop ... More
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