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Reply: Arthritis Newby with a question.
Hi Farmer One working through the pain is probably not an option. The diagnosis must be supported by blood...More
Posted by mike201
Reply: Treating RA-related fatigue
Thank you kindly for sharing, amaryllis9. Much appreciated. _________ If you'd like to *also* consider a...More
Posted by An_264266
Possible Ankel fusion
Looking for feedback on anyone who has undergone a ankle fusion. I am 27 years old and have been using a...More
Posted by knorris1987
Reply: Help for rheumatologist appt
RoseTears, I hope your Rheumatologist is a good listener & hears what you're saying. And, if you...More
Posted by An_264266
Reply: Advice Needed Arthritis
What a wonderful daughter you are, An_263072. It takes a lot of strength & loving courage to bear such a...More
Posted by An_264266
Reply: A decision to go or not go with the Actemra
Hello, Dolphin50. (I've no Actemra advice.) I understand you've 30 years of RA history & have...More
Posted by An_264266
Reply: I feel absolutely crazy.
No worries, sanglero. Welcome to the "We Are ALL Absolutely Crazy" Club. "The never ending lunacy of...More
Posted by An_264266
Reply: In a lot of pain and can't find answers
Dear sharmonj, Please read this 3-part response to RoseTears (& Father): ...More
Posted by An_264266
Reply: Help
jessicamonroe, lucymaya, mandyarchuleta: ================================== Please take time to read this...More
Posted by An_264266
Reply: Rituxan
Hi An, I started on Rituxin 14 months ago after trying many other meds without satisfactory results. I do...More
Posted by MaineDoug
Help with weaning from Prednisone
New here, diagnosed 4 years ago. Now on Rituximab and seems to be helping. BUT trying to wean off prednisone...More
Posted by MaineDoug
Reply: Any tips for fatigue
You've got it, boye2009! Plant-based* diet is an excellent way to go. If you want to dig deeper, please...More
Posted by An_264266
Reply: This is how I cured my RA
tabs08, this may be a long-shot, but see if any piece of this 3-part response to RoseTears (& Father) is...More
Posted by An_264266
Reply: Newly diagnosed with RA at 25.
Please* carefully consider a dietary path as well, Briii Take time to scrutinize this 3-part response to...More
Posted by An_264266
Reply: Support
Please give serious consideration to a dietary route, jc1109 -- if you're receptive to it. Scrutinize the...More
Posted by An_264266
Reply: Have to wait to see if I have it!
You needn't wait, BariAR. Dive in. Be proactive. If you're open to a dietary path, please read the 3-part...More
Posted by An_264266
Reply: RA and pain
Please see 3-part response to RoseTears (& Father): ...More
Posted by An_264266
I have multiple Autoimmune Disorders and my Rheumatologist, Gastroenterologist, Allergist and Endocrinologist...More
Posted by An_264242
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Reply: Help, can't move arms or legs...
You need to see your rheumatologist and work with them! This is not something to fool around with hoping...More
Posted by commentary42
Reply: Plaquenil price remains too high
Work with your doctor or healthcare provider to get financial help. I am with Kaiser in Northern...More
Posted by commentary42
Reply: Diet changes for RA and YES, it has worked for me,...
Fully agree, fee_b. I hope you are continuing to improve. I see your comment was posted 2 years ago. ...More
Posted by lvlvlvlv
Reply: Doctors cant diagnose my sickness
you know from Germany doctors came from Turkey to try to diagnose my sickness but none of them could
Posted by ramide1974
About 20% of patients with RA have a negative RA Factor. The blood test is not the deciding factor. Your...More
Posted by ca_lynn
hi , I just joined the group , I was told by my rhumy 2 months ago that I have RA, but the blood work came back...More
Posted by Boo26
Reply: Tapering Prednisone
Prednisone tapers can be tricky. It all depends on how long you have taken prednisone. If you...More
Reply: please help
I hope by now you have received some help. Please contact Health and Human Services for the City of...More
Posted by vernajane
Reply: Shoes for RA and fibromyalgia
Hi RT, I swear by Easy Spirit 360 with the thick soles. Absolutely love them as they have wonderful shock...More
Posted by vernajane
Reply: Women with RA
Hi, I've noticed the same thing. When I ovulate, the pain is greater. Right after I get my period, I feel...More
Posted by evely7
Reply: Need Recommendation
Hi There The information you provide is confusing but may I suggest you have a look at
Posted by mike201
Reply: High ccp level
I do have a Rheumatologist and I went for a second opinion last week. The new one actually touched me...More
Posted by constantpain1956

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Dry eyes and dry mouthExpert
Patients with RA may develop dryness of the eyes and mouth due to a condition called secondary Sjogrens Syndrome. The dryness is due to ... More
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