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Newly diagnosed with RA at 25.
Hello, I'm Briii, I'm new to this board. I'm 25 years old. I have just been diagnosed with RA. I'm...More
Posted by Mrsbriimccrary
Plaquenil price remains too high
Plaquenil has gone from a very modest amount to over $200 retail in my area. I assume it is the same across the...More
Posted by hihoki
Doctors cant diagnose my sickness
Hello i am from Azerbaijan. i need someone to diagnose my sickness it is been 15 year that my all bones and...More
Posted by ramide1974
A decision to go or not go with the Actemra
I'm 52 and have lived with RA for over 30 years. Tried everything on the planet and nothing helps. Even though...More
Posted by Dolfin50
hi , I just joined the group , I was told by my rhumy 2 months ago that I have RA, but the blood work came back...More
Posted by Boo26
hi , I just joined the group , I was told by my rhumy 2 months ago that I have RA, but the blood work came back...More
Posted by Boo26
Help, can't move arms or legs...
Hello everyone, I was diagnosed with RA 1 year ago by my GP who referred me to a specialist. But I was...More
Posted by AcidMonster
Anyone been using Rituxan for their RA treatment? My doc wanst me to go on it since TNF inhibitors are...More
Posted by An_264029
Women with RA
Hi. I recently started seeing a rheumatologist. After a series of lab work, it's been noted that I...More
Posted by An_263923
Inflammatory Markers
On Humira, Methotrexate and Diclofenac Sodium ER for 9 months. Energy up, flares down, mild joint pain...More
Posted by An_263710
Any tips for fatigue
I was diagnosed with RA when I was a 11 months old. And have been fighting this my whole life. Latley I have...More
Posted by benjones
High ccp level
I was diagnosed with RA 2 years ago after my RA was 58. they went doen to 20. Then i started smoking...More
Posted by constantpain1956
Auto Immune Disease & Hair loss
I was told about my diseases 6 yrs ago. I went from 132 lbs to 89 lbs in 6 wks. I started out with...More
Posted by lilbit1827
please help
hello everyone.I'm lorenza,I'm from italy,I moved to the US almost a year ago because of my previous...More
Posted by An_263565
reducing inflation with diet.
Does anyone have tips they are willing to share? Hoping to reduce neck swelling with food and hopefully help...More
Posted by elirhodes
ultrasimple diet
Anyone read article on ultra simple diet? If so did you find it helpful?
Posted by smitleydjd
Am I showing signs? should I be assessed?
My father has sever Cervical RA as well its in his fingers, and elbows. I have been getting this terrible...More
Posted by An_263459
Looking for answers
Just wondering if anyone has any ideas as to what is going on with me. A few weeks ago I started having...More
Posted by dahlia28
RA Foot Surgery
I am preparing to have surgery on my right foot to correct arthritic deformities. Has anyone had experience with...More
Posted by msonju
In a lot of pain and can't find answers
Hi, this is my first time ever looking online for help.. But as I sit here after attempting to lay down...More
Posted by sharmonj
Psoriatic Arthritis in 6 months?
My granddaughter is 7 and has been diagnosed with plaque psoriasis from having strep throat in November 2014....More
Posted by An_263275
PG&E Medical Baseline
Hello RAC! Wondering if anyone ever applied for PG&E Medical Baseline and were denied by their doctor?...More
Posted by An_263257
weight gain on humira
I have been on this med for 9 months and have gaied 30 lbs Weight has been so difficult since i got sick 3...More
Posted by smitleydjd
Just diagnosed with RA
My doctor wants me to take Vitamin B-12, is there a doctor out there that can tell me the best brand to get.
Posted by van1201

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Dry eyes and dry mouthExpert
Patients with RA may develop dryness of the eyes and mouth due to a condition called secondary Sjogrens Syndrome. The dryness is due to ... More
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