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Dental pain
Was diagnosed with RA in 2007. Medications include, Prednisone, Methotrexate, weekly injections of Humira,...More
Posted by An_261621
People don't get it
I realize the frustration and pain that anyone with this disease goes through on a daily basis. I have had RA...More
Posted by eaw6135
Should I test for RA while I'm in a flare?
Hi, I was sent to a rheumatologist a few weeks ago and am scheduled for an x-ray of spine and hips along...More
Posted by marie13180
Barrett's disease
Does anyone know if there could be a relation to RA and Barrett's disease. Both are auto immune diseases? I...More
Posted by An_261555
Safe med for RA and Hep C
I cannot be on anti inflammatory drugs and recent diagnosed with RA. Do you know of any safe pain med I can...More
Posted by patsydell
I know this is probably just going to be seen as rambling, but honestly, I've found myself angry and...More
Posted by stormchaser2
rece RA diagnosis
Hi all. My first post here. I have just been diagnosed with RA after having an inflamed shoulder a few months...More
Posted by debby67
Can rheumatoid arthritis affect the tailbone
I have a sore tailbone. I thought it was rheumatoid arthritis flare up but my rheumatologist who did...More
Posted by healthyplate2014
LASIK and Enbrel?
Has anyone has LASIK or PRK eye surgery? I can't get a hold of my Rheumy...should I stop the Enbrel before...More
Posted by An_261421
Foot Locking because of Ra
I have Rheumatoid arthritis for over 3 years now. My left foot is always painful; however, I had an injection...More
Posted by An_261352
Why does my rheumatologist make me stop predisone?
My GP thought I had polymyalgia rheumatica and put me on predisone. He wanted me to see a rheumatologist. ...More
Posted by debkimly
questions with RA
Im a 28 year old male, i was diagnosed with ra 4 years ago. I was taking metotrexate and prednison but havent...More
Posted by An_261212
I have went to my family doctor for several years complaining of joint pain, swelling and stiffness, and was...More
Posted by An_261195
Methotrexate Sjogrens
Hi Everyone. I'm getting ready to start Methotrexate next week and wondering if I should start it on a...More
Posted by caroline1230
Foot surgery complications
Hi- I'm 49 yrs old and was diagnosed with RA at age 17. Yes, I'm a veteran! 10 yrs ago I had foot surgery to...More
Posted by lizjs66
Just diagnosed
I was just diagnosed with RA 2 days ago. The referral to a RA Dr. Came from my orthopedic surgeon. He had...More
Posted by pansypearl1
Relief by juicing and eating mostly egetables and ...
Has anyone tried this approach and has it worked for you?
Posted by tapermyhem
MRI with contrast
I'm 62 yr. old female. Diagnosed with RA roughly 10 years ago. At that time RA factor was Positive. I was...More
Posted by tapermyhem
New to RA with mixed emotions...
Hi, I'm 32 years old and was just diagnosed with RA last week after 4 years of getting the run-around...More
Posted by flipdogphilly
Rheumatoid Arthritis - no visible swelling?
I'm 33. Since July I've had severe fatigue and joint pain. This is to the point that at times I just cannot...More
Posted by kwalle
Cant be on biologics treatments caused more proble...
Im 52 male I got diagnosed with R.A. in 1999 went through all the treatments-embrel shots-remacaid I.V. then I...More
Posted by turk1962
Feeling hopeless and alone.
How do you deal with this disease when it's so severe and you just feel completely hopeless, worthless, and...More
Posted by tiff_01
Rheumatiod Arthritis
Hi to all, I have been bk to docs with Really Painful Swollen Joints hes sending me for blood test...More
Posted by diligent500
Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy for RA
Looking for feedback on whether this type of therapy has helped with chronic RA and osteoarthritis. Currently...More
Posted by An_260836

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help with methotrexate side effectsExpert
I recommend all my patients on methotrexate take at least 1 mg of Folic Acid daily to help decrease the risk of side effects. In those ... More
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