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RA and intestinal problems
I have RA and have had IBS for years now with bacteria over growth. my problem went from constipation to...More
Posted by An_260764
Just Diagnosed
I'm 23 years old and I was just diagnosed this week over a voice mail. I started taking Methotrexate and...More
Posted by An_260762
Neck pain
I am faced with having surgery on my neck at the C2 level for arthritic changes/damage from RA. Anyone with...More
Posted by msonju
RA Pain Control
I was diagnosed with RA in my 30's but never needed meds until I reached age of 59. Now at age 62 I get...More
Posted by morenocasa
methotrexate do I need to start it?
I have had RA since diagnoses in 1984. I have had a very good rumatologist at the UofM hospital in Ann Arbor...More
Posted by kattjhehat
Re hip pain swelling and stiffness.
Hi to all, I have a lot of Pain Swelling and Stiffness in my R hip its really sore When i walk n cant lay...More
Posted by dolphin5000
wrist pain
I have wrist pain for one year after I handled a heavy sinker during the exercise. It was better. but when I...More
Posted by An_260646
Mentally dealing with RA
Hi everyone, my name is alex. Im only 20 years old and was diagnosed with RA this last June. I was...More
Posted by An_260558
Dark spots on face
I have untreated RA & have all nodules, burning, tingling, swelling, etc. I was wondering if anyone has...More
Posted by blywat
I'm in a lot of pain nothing works, and ive started to gain a lot of weight and no energy any tips to loose...More
Posted by loretta46
restart methotrexate ?
Wife has taken methotrexate successfully for 22 years with great results, stopped 2 years ago ,declared in...More
Posted by dylan2311

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can methotrexate be successfully restarted after a 2 year break ?
Hi to all,
I have been for xray today on both my hands as they are very sore and swollen n painful n i feel hot all...More
Posted by dolphin5000
Natural Therapy
Hi all! Am new to this community but not the disease. It has been about 8 yrs since I was diagnosed. Been...More
Posted by strugglingz
Other solutions
This past weekend I painted my bathroom, I woke up at 530 on Sunday morning in the worst pain I have ever...More
Posted by mzbrdly88
First RA Flare
newly diagnosed since July. Im in the mist of my first bad flare. I cant stand as my knee's buckle. I can...More
Posted by rapakame1983
Can you have RA without symptoms?
I'm hoping someone has some personal experience to give me because I am kind of freaking out. I had a mass...More
Posted by mooseshoes
RA 3 Years in, help?
I am about 2 years into a diagnosis of RA. I had a severe flare Thanksgiving almost 2 years ago. I didn't...More
Posted by tidenative
Skin rash - hives - Enbrel
I had problems last year with a rash/hives that my dermatologist diagnosed as eczema. It happened right after...More
Posted by ramickey
Alternative treatment
There is a treatment called Bio-Oxidation. It was developed by a Dr. Charles Farr. As with most Alternative...More
Posted by An_260087
Thanks for all the great response to my post last month.I am now on Orencia IV Infusion monthly it has...More
Posted by An_259913
How can I stop diarrhea with rheumatoid arthritis ...
Hi[br>I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis & put on methotexate. It gave me bad diarrhea & I...More
Posted by An_259902
Just got diagnosed with Ra
Hello my name is Kornelia.I just got diagnosed with RA. I decided at this point not to take meds because of the...More
Posted by apollo1
Starting MTX
I knew to expect some tiredness with starting methotrexate, but I'm having some pretty extreme fatigue. It...More
Posted by lsk911

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prednisolone may be more effective than prednisone in some patientsExpert
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